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Attempts to fix some issues the original Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla mod had.

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Really Textured Normal Maps - Updated

· - = | Description | = - ·

I really liked Really Textured Normal Maps as alternative to texture replacers. I like how Oblivion vanlla looks, but a bit more depth can be nice.
That said, I've noticed and heard about some issues the original mod had and I've attempted to fix them. I removed normal maps for effects and normal maps where the detail was lost. I removed all alpha channels where the vanilla normal map didn't have one and restored the original alpha channel for all other normal maps.

This should fix:
- Flickering tree bark
- Broken sunrays in mania smithy
- Mismatch with OOO SI golden saint/dark seducer armor
- Lost details on weapons, especially fine steel weapons
- Lost glossiness on some surfaces, too glossiness shine on others

This package includes all 3 original downloads, part 1, part 2 and the shivering isles one!

It's a lot of files, I might have missed something, if you notice anything weird, let me know.
Link to original

· - = | Installation | = - ·

By the nine, use a mod manager to install this. It's almost 3000 files, you will never be happy again if you install this manually.
You probably want to install this before other texture replacers, so they can overwrite it. Otherwise you might end up with mismatching normal maps.

Make sure to fully uninstall Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla if you used it before.