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Upscaled textures for Shivering Isles. Comes in default 4x or 2x version, with availability to mix and match modules. Should look like vanilla Shivering Isles, but less 2007.

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DOWNLOAD: "kart_SIUT_default" or "kart_SIUT_default_2x"
Requires archive invalidation to work properly (SkyBSA is recommended, OBSE required.)
You probably also want Oblivion Upscaled Textures and DLC Upscaled Textures.

Because I am kind and benevolent I have compiled some comparison shots for you. Random stuff in the Imperial City Talos District. Click drop down to see different mods. I included these mods:
vanilla (default game), qarl's texture pack 3 redimidized, 4x vanilla remastered, OUT 2 (the mod you are right now), OUT 4


Detailed Information
  • Requirements
  • Recommendations
  • Mods
  • Process
  • Detailed Upscaling Information
  • Modules
  • Module Versions
  • Default

  • Method of Archive Invalidation (SkyBSA is recommended, OBSE required.)


Abstract Process specific to Oblivion:
  • Remove unnecessary files such as icons
  • Replace textures deprecated by the Unofficial Patches
  • Remove Block Compression (BC) from images using BC1NoiseAgressiveTake3 model.
  • Upscale using various models.
  • Compress using Optimizer Textures.

Detailed Upscaling Information:
  • Removed icons, effects, and menus. Used Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch’s textures.
  • Models:
  • 4x_box - weapons, armors,
  • 4x_Manga109Attempt - clothes
  • 4x_Manga109Attempt_skyrim_weapons&armor_interp_08 (it means it is interpolated @ 0.8) - clothes alt.
  • 4x_4xManga109Attempt_RRDB_ESRGAN_x4_interp_05 (it means it is interpolated @ 0.5)
  • 4x_4xManga109Attempt_RRDB_ESRGAN_x4_interp_08 (it means it is interpolated @ 0.8)

  • arch = architecture folder
  • armor = armor folder
  • characters = characters folder
  • clothes = clothes folder
  • clutter = clutter folder
  • creatures = creatures folder
  • dungeons = dungeons folder
  • land&etc = 'land and etc'; landscape, plants, rocks, sky, trees, water, and wood folders
  • weapons = weapons folder

Module Versions:
  • 4x_FULL: 4x diffuse map, 4x normal map, 4x glow map
  • 4x: 4x diffuse map, 2x normal map, 2x glow map
  • 2x_FULL: 2x diffuse, 2x normal, 2x glow map
  • 2x: 2x diffuse map, 1x normal map, 1x glow map

  • 4x_FULL: characters
  • 4x: architecture, dungeons, lndetc, armor, clothes, creatures, clutter;
  • 2x_FULL:  weapons