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High-res replacer for the paintings, similar to the default ones but meant to look like actual paintings.

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Painter's Touch texture pack

One of the very first things that bothered me in Oblivion were the paintings. They were clearly just screenshots with a canvas filter applied to them, and on top of that I couldn't even see why someone would look at some of the scenes depicted and decide it looked good for a screenshot, much less decide that was definitely the one they were going to go with.

Having no talent at painting myself, I took some better screenshots and applied some filters of my own to remedy this. I tried to both stay within a similar range with the colors and subjects depicted and to come up with something that looked a little more like a painting one might hang, and I think I succeeded. I also took the time to try and make the Shivering Isles paintings a little more interesting, because honestly, you mean to tell me that there are no good painters in the Realm of the Madgod? Those screenshots are even blander than the ones in Tamriel! Only unique paintings escaped this replacer. I like the ones in the Shivering Isles, and the Tamriel ones I just don't know what to do with and you generally only see them once anyways, so it's not really a big deal to me.

There are two versions here, a 1024*512 version and a 512*256 version. Both are higher res than the default Tamriel paintings, and the 1024 one is higher res than the SI paintings (the 512 is the same resolution).

If you want to use anything here as a resource, feel free. Stick my username somewhere in the credits and go crazy.