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This mod takes the Far Cry inspired grass by betty and expands it to other areas of Cyrodiil and even the Shivering Isles and the Paradise.

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Far Cry inspired Grass - Expanded

· - = | Description | = - ·

I just love the Far Cry inspired Grass by Betty. Even with moderate grass density, it creates beautiful, fluffy meadows.

This mod takes that grass and expands it to other areas of Cyrodiil and even the Shivering Isles and the Paradise. I aimed to replace roughly half of the vanilla grasses, leaving some of the regional grasses in. It's not perfect in all areas - some have little ground texture diversity and the replaced grass looks a bit too clean for wilderness. Most areas turned out pretty nice though, with patches of heather and gorse throughout.
I tried to stick closely to the replaced original color schemes of the replaced grasses, so this mod should hopefully not cause any issues with landscape altering mods. I wouldn't recommend using it with any other grass replacer mods, as they will probably overwrite each other. You can certainly try, if you use a proper mod manager (which you should!) the worst that can happen is that it doesn't show up or looks bad and you uninstall again.

I made this mod together with Let there be Flowers, which adds the flowers seen on a lot of the screenshots here. However, both mods can be used on their own.

· - = | Requirements | = - ·


· - = | Known Issues / Compatibility | = - ·

At some spots there are some tufts of grass that are sticking out of the ground at a weird angle. I don't even want to start guessing why.

· - = | Installation | = - ·

Just install it like you install any other mod (please use a mod manager, for your own sanity), there's nothing special here.

· - = | Recommended Mods | = - ·

Obviously Let there be Flowers
Check out Groundcover for no grass textures, too.

· - = | Credits | = - ·

Betty's Far Cry inspired Grass

· - = | Permission | = - ·

Please refer to the original used. Whatever is allowed there, is allowed here.