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Landscapes (with terrain shader support) + rocks + trees

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        Oblivion 2020 Retexture Project

Someone else:  'Calthrop, you say Oblivion is really good and has great quests and all, but it just looks so old'


And Sheogorath whispered in my ear, "you know what you have to do."

This started as a retexture project that supports the terrain blending of mods like Oblivion Reloaded & Detailed Terrain.  It now encompasses trees, rocks, and doomstones as well.

About terrain shaders: such blending is so ever-present in games these days that you only realize how important it is if it isn't there, but because most Oblivion landscape retextures were released way back before we had such nice things we don't have a lot of options to take advantage of them. If you don't have/don't want to use said alpha blending, you may make poor decisions but you can still install and use this like any other retexture mod, so you have that going for you : )

I always try to save performance headroom where I can since this old boat is a bit creaky, with the stipulation that I'm not going to decimate key assets.  Generally speaking I try to shoot for 2k, but most  normals are downscaled to 1k.  The performance profile of the mod is actually pretty reasonable.

Most recent release:

Big updates all around this time, changelog in the stickied comment

Note:  I'm only covering select tree barks (right now just the southern live oaks and olive), so snag yourself a bark mod.  Also, for the shrubberies that I'm not covering I *highly* recommend the Improved Trees and Flora mod (it also does some of the barks very nicely).  My recommendation and installation order for this is: Tree Bark Hd Reduced -> Improved Trees and Flora -> 2020 Retexture Project.

Digression: Oblivion has an absolutely silly amount of textures

Information on Terrain Shaders


And that's all I've got...for the moment

Credits (in no particular order):

zilav for treelod.exe

The AWLS team for their Bruma architecture meshes

maczopikczo for use of the assets and concepts of the Arboretum mod

Vurt (haven't used any of these assets yet, but leaving the permission here so I don't forget : )

Nexus author ChainsawXIV (Detailed Terrain) graciously allowed use of his alphas to save a load of time

Nexus author Kartoffels (I use the upscales to get a better look at what Bethesda was up to)







Nexus author Spooknik (one forest cover texture used as a source)

And finally, the late, great Qarl (one cobblestone texture used as a source)