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Landscape retexture with support for terrain shaders. Also, rocks, roads, tree shadows, and whatever else seems in need of some love.

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        Oblivion 2020 Retexture Project

Over the holidays, someone asked me why I'd play Oblivion when Skyblivion will be a thing sometime in the next few years and will look like a modern game.  My reaction:

Then Sheogorath whispered in my ear, "you know, undertaking a massive retexture mod for a game from 2006 sounds like a splendid idea, doesn't it?"

In a nutshell, this is a retexture project that supports the terrain blending of mods like Detailed Terrain/OR, though those aren't required and you can just use these like any other retexture pack. 

Said blending is so ever-present in games these days that you only realize how important it is if it isn't there, but because most Oblivion landscape retextures were released way back before we had such nice things we don't have a lot of options to take advantage of them. If you don't have/don't want to use said alpha blending, you may make poor decisions but you can install and use these like any other retexture mod, so you have that going for you : )

Releases are going to be semi-modular by region as I work through everything, which will also make it so you don't have to re-download an enormous pack if I want to make an edit to one module as I go.  Textures are provided in 2K/1K to get a reasonable mix of performance and fidelity.

Currently released modules:

The Heartlands - covers landscape grasses, rocks, lichen rocks, mossy rocks, etc from the 'terrainhd' naming system that Bethesda used.  These textures can be found all over Cyrodiil, though they are featured in the area stretching out from the Imperial City and the Great Forest.

The Jerall Mountains -  Like it says on the tin.  Made to look properly snowy and remove the blotchy crappiness we're all familiar with.  This was always going to be the hardest thing to get right, so I hit it early.

General - covers things that are ubiquitous and used in every region.  Muds, sands, the rocks on beaches/riverbanks, tilled soil, the default dirt, etc.  Includes Bravil's roads/terrain since they pop up in the wild every now and then.  This module will be expanded as I find textures in the game and see how Bethesda painted them onto the landscape. 

Roads - (included with the General upload as of v1.1) this uses Kart's OUT upscaled vanilla road texture as the base (cleaned up artifacting from the upscale/color corrected/depth added in diffuse & normal so it doesn't look so much like a flat cracked stone/minor edits so tiling isn't as noticeable).  The secondary road texture with smaller stones was bullshit (Beth's fault, not Kart's), so I've used the the primary road stones and scaled them to match that size.

Blackwood - This region got some unique work done. Muddy and mossy, with the finest tree roots you'll find in Tamriel.  Highly recommend the Russian Cypress Knees mod.  For Blackwood Jungle mod users:

The Colovian Highlands

The Gold Coast - Bethesda, you really only gave me a couple dedicated textures to work with for this region?  There are, by my count, 5 billion textures for the Great Forest.  AND YET.

Runestones and Doomstones

Bonus odds and ends:

Tree shadows - wasn't sure if I'd need to alpha mask this so I just made my own since I had good source.  Didn't need to mask it in the end, but I made it, so here's a new hi-res canopy shadow for you.

Lowres folder - these are downscales for your static lod rocks

Future planned modules for landscapes:  Finishing up city cobblestones and the like, burned ground/rubble, The Shivering Isles.

Other plans:  Strongly considering doing tree leaves since they're so majorly visible across the map.   I'm also side-eyeing the imperial fort exteriors a lot these days and it looks pretty manageable, so maybe that.  I'm sure I'll find other things that piss me off as I test, so expect a few random things to appear here as well.

A note: Oblivion has an absolutely stupid array of landscape/rock textures, as in approximately double that of Skyrim.  If you feel the urge to complain that I haven't covered absolutely everything yet, let me give you a comparison: this already includes enough unique textures that
I could cover all of Skyrim and it'd look swanky af.

Information on Terrain Shaders

So, you want those nice landscape transitions you see in the screenshots, but don't know where to start? 

No sweat, I've got you fam.

You have two options:  Detailed Terrain (DT) or Oblivion Reloaded (OR).  Personally, I went with Detailed Terrain since it looked better for me, but either should do the trick. 

For OR, after you get it installed (ugh, that installation process, but such a good mod) you just need to turn on the terrain shader option in the ini file. 

For Detailed Terrain, download the shader package from the mod page and install.  Just don't let things overwrite that handful of shader files (for instance, Grass Overhaul needs to let DT overwrite it).

Things get slightly more complicated when you want to use DT and OR together (as I do), but I can vouch for OR v6.4.1 + DT working fine if you turn off the terrain shader in OR.  You may or may not have trouble with later versions of OR if you go this route, but information is somewhat scarce and I'm busy testing this mod rather than getting into the weeds of those two, so perhaps some intrepid community members can assist if people want more information on this.  You can get OR 6.4.1 from Squiggle's mod page which you can find with a quick google search.

Now that you've got the shaders going, you need textures with alpha channels to actually get them to do their thing.  That's where this mod comes in to the picture!  However, I haven't covered all of Cyrodiil yet, and maybe you want something to help fill the gap until I get to those places too.   Fortunately, ChainsawXIV (author of DT) has done just that and alpha mapped the landscape stuff from Qarl's texture pack.  I recommend snagging the zip file from the DT comments page rather than dicking around with the omod from the files section (you should be using Wrye...you are using Wrye, right?  RIGHT?!).  Either way install those and overwrite with this mod (or don't, I guess, but you're here so....), then go endorse ChainsawXIV because I've seen those alpha maps and know how much work was put into them, not to mention the shaders themselves.   You can find some textures with alpha channels at the Watch Your Step mod here on Nexus.

And that's all I've got...for the moment


Nexus author ChainsawXIV (Detailed Terrain) graciously allowed use of his alphas to save a load of time

Nexus author Kartoffels (for the upscaled vanilla road used as source)






Nexus author Spooknik (one forest cover texture used as a source)

And finally, the late, great Qarl (one cobblestone texture used as a source)