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Collection of configuration files that were made for mods not yet covered by New Vegas True Scopes or auxiliary patches. Some patches in this collection require WAP Year 1 models and textures as well as WAP NVTS patch.

Permissions and credits
Special thanks to TheSeekker for permission to use PSRO Reticle textures, please endorse the original mod. The PSRO texture resources included in this mod are trimmed from their original sizes through GIMP to remove excess viewing space on the outside border of the reticle textures. They are renamed as "PSRO_****_trimmed.dds."
Special thanks to Phagnito for permission to use Redone Scope Reticles, please endorse the original mod. The textures where modified (cropped) using GIMP and moved into the necessary NVTS reticle texture pack. The modified textures are labeled as "RSR_****_trimmed.dds".
Special thanks to morry16 for permission to use the Worn-Out Hunting Rifle Scope Replacer, please endorse the original mod. The textures where modified using GIMP by cropping the excess areas. The trimmed image is labeled as "morry16_****_trimmed.dds". These textures where used in the La Longue Carabine scope.

This is a simple collection of config files that I made with New Vegas True Scopes (NVTS) for various mods that were not already included in the original mod or do not as of yet have patches for (patches in this case means the ini config file that lines up the two overlays in NVTS). The mod list these patches were made from is uses the newest Viva New Vegas mod list as a base. All files can be installed in MO2 (cannot help Vortex users, unfortunately) regardless if you have the quest mod or not, the extra config files will not have an effect on your game. I have included an ISControl config file to align properly some of the scopes that NVTS is applied to as well as some iron sight alignment. One may have read the "slightly off reticle" complaints on NVTS mod page. I believe this issue is due to the ISControl being used as a reference (in some cases) to where the bullet goes, not the reticle/camera nodes as from NVTS. It can be fixed as I have done with ISControl.ini, but it takes a significant amount of time for the instances where using ISControl is required at the same time as NVTS configurator/editor. I will update this file as I continue with my playthrough and come across more weapons that require adjustment. If one wishes to use this mod's config files without any adjustments the best way will be to follow the following list to a "T":

  • I have an FOV of 85 set in falloutcustom.ini, which may effect how the config files act in your game.
First load VNV Base mods (we will move a few such as the DNWeathers, MoonlightNVSE, ..., Climate Control - Rain to the end):Quest Mods (These are loaded immediately after the VNV guide last mod, but before DNWeathers and related "must load last" mods):
Companion Mods (These are loaded after Quest mods):
Weapon Mods (Install location shown in next mod list sections, but definitely loaded after Companion Mods):
Radio Mods (These are loaded after Weapon mods):
  • Wave Radio (Blake's .44 Custom Revolver and Blake's 9mm Custom

Somewhere after the last VNV mod and after last Companion mod, load the primary animation mods in this order (melee animations are not important for the Modicum Patch):After the primary animation mods, load the weapon retextures in this order:
Radio Mods (These are loaded after Weapon mods):
And at the very end after Radio/sound mods but before DNWeathers and other such mods, place the Modicum ISControl configs first followed by the Modicum NVTS configs:
  • Modicum All-in-One
  • (Any custom NVTS or ISControl that you generate and wish to use instead of mine should go immediately after Modicum All-in-One if you do not overwrite mine)
  • DNWeathers
  • MoonlightNVSE
  • Cloud Shadows
  • Cloud Upgrade NVSE
  • Interior Rain
  • Climate Control - Rain

This mod order applies to both the .esm load order and the .esp load order from the mods as well!
FalloutCustom.ini settings:

; Enables Fullscreen mode
bFull Screen=1
; Forces highest texture quality so the game won't crash if you had it set to anything lower
; World FOV
; 1st person FOV
; Pip-Boy and terminal FOV