Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

An HD 2K weapon retexture pack that aims to update all of the weapon textures of NV to a new era

Permissions and credits

Finally, after 2 months of non-stop work, I'm happy to release Weapon Textures from Heaven (abbreviated as WTH). What started as practice to learn texture art and Substance Painter turned into an overarching project where I hope to show all of my love for FNV and improve with every update I release. This pack's main goals are to provide a lore-friendly HD retexture to all of the game's weapon textures (except heavy weapons) with maximum compatibility, for the ease of use and preserving the vanilla textures' charm.

The weapons currently covered in this pack; 



  • 9mm Pistol (+Mods) // Maria
  • Silenced .22 Pistol
  • .45 Auto Pistol (+Mods) // A Light Shining in Darkness
  • Hunting Revolver (+Mods) // Ranger Sequoia
  • .357 Magnum Revolver (+Mods) // Lucky
  • .44 Magnum (+Mods) // Mysterious Magnum
  • Police Pistol
  • Cowboy Repeater (+Mods) // La Longue Carabine
  • Lever-Action Shotgun
  • 12.7 SMG
  • 9mm SMG (+Mods) // Vance's 9mm SMG
  • .45 Auto SMG
  • Assault Carbine (+Mods)
  • Single Shotgun
  • Sawed-off Shotgun // Big Boomer
  • BB Gun // Abilene Kid LE BB Gun
  • Hunting Rifle (+Mods)
  • Battle Rifle // This Machine
  • Caravan Shotgun // Sturdy Caravan Shotgun
  • Hunting Shotgun (+Mods) // Dinner Bell
  • Medicine Stick
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle (+Mods)
  • Service Rifle (+Mods) // Survivalist Rifle
  • (TTW) .32 Rifle
  • (TTW) Combat Shotgun
  • (TTW) Double Barrel Shotgun

Energy Weapons:

  • LAER
  • Holorifle
  • Q-35 Matter Modulator

Melee Weapons:

  • Shovel


  • Brass Knuckles

The pack comes in 2 main files, 2k and 1k.

  • The 2k version comes in 2k diffuse and 1k normals for best balance between performance and visual fidelity.
  • The 1k version has 1k diffuse and 512px normals for the worldview textures (the textures loaded when you drop a weapon, or when an NPC is carrying it), Use this for better performance and if you don't want to take tons of screenshots of your fancy new HD weapon.
For the optional files;

  • TTW's Hunting Rifle and .32 Rifle; Includes the different hunting rifle and the .32 rifle textures. Requires TTW.
  • WTH-WRP Patch; A patch for those using WRP to have the textures displayed correctly. Requires latest version of WRP.
  • AMR Suppressor Fix; A fix for a vanilla bug where the suppressor texture for the AMR is glitched, Uses WMIM/TTW meshes and forwards YUP fixes.

Simply install with a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 is highly recommended) or put the files in Data folder of NV file installation folder and overwrite/replace. Requires all DLC

This is a pure texture replacer without any ESP so it shouldn’t cause any issues, just make sure to put it after other weapon retexture mods you’re using so that it doesn’t get overwritten and use the designated patches. Fully compatible with WMIM and animation mods.

  • For TTW users; Use the TTW patch in optional files.
  • For Cleaned Hunting Rifle users; Download the TTW Patch and copy and paste the hunting rifle textures into the main file's 2handrifle folder & overwrite/replace
  • For WMX users; a patch is currently being worked on. The patch would just fix the filepaths for new textures to come up. I haven't gotten around to fixing the black textures but full WMX support is definitely planned.
  • For V 1.95 WRP users; should work fine without needing a patch, any textures not displaying properly can be easily solved with hiding WRP's mesh, if that doesnt solve it use the WTH-WRP patch.
  • FOR V 2.2.4 WRP USERS: You must use the WTH-WRP Patch, no other way around it if you want the textures to be correctly displayed.

The VNV Discord server for being a great and comfy hub that allowed me to meet all of the wonderful people who helped me today and supported me.
Uncleboz for basically being the pillar for my gun education and giving me great constructive criticism, I've always took all of your advice to heart.
Seekker for being a great supportive friend and encouraging me, love you babe (I swear your custom ALSiD is on the way)
Conor96 for taking literally hundreds of screenshots of every WIP I post and helping me the most with figuring out texture art for NV (& for being a great lad).
Marioman42 for making the WRP patch, which pushed me forward to finally release the mod.
5iv for being passively aggressive to me but still somehow supportive.
VWgolfR1 for making all of these rad comparison pictures, the AMR fix and being so nice and supportive. Your encouragement and advice took me very far.
Behemoth for being a great friend and suffering through testing my textures, your support meant alot (now time to do your custom ALSiD)
Izabill, Fade, Swiftdeath, Scott, Demorome, Cake, Asurah, and everybody who cheered me on and gave me advice. I might not be able to express it well virtually but your words always gave me motivation to continue working on this mod and they always make my day.

Substance Painter
Photoshop 2020
Blender 2.9