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A quest mod in which you hunt for rockets, fight robots, and explore a mysterious launch facility.

Permissions and credits

A man named Terry has contacted you asking for your assistance in an "important matter". Apparently, he's been holed up in an old abandoned REPCONN Aerospace launch site, and is trying to locate some kind of treasure trove of pre-war technology somewhere in the facility. However, something is not right with this facility, and is far more dangerous than meets the eye...


The REPCONN Blues adds a quest with about 1 to 2 hours of gameplay, new weapons, armor, and fully-voiced characters. The quest will start automatically upon loading a save with the mod enabled.

This mod is rather plot-heavy and has a decent amonut of notes, terminal entries etc, so if you absolutely hate reading notes to understand what's going on, this mod may not be for you. Granted, you don't HAVE to read any notes, but it might lead to missing some small plot points here and there.


-A new quest with approximately 1 - 2 hours of gameplay.

-5 new weapons, such as the Ball Blaster, Harpoon Cannon and Particle Beam Rifle.

-2 new armors.

-A plot with a bit of mystery and suspense, a bit of humor, and a lot of rockets.

-A cave diving segment.

-Easter eggs and Wild Wasteland encounters.

I APPRECIATE constructive criticism! If there are any bugs and/or problems with this mod, leave a comment or add a bug report so I can get it fixed! This mod was a one-man project, and even though I'm sure I managed to iron out most of the bugs, there may be some persistent small issues.

Known Bugs/Issues:

-Companions may end up getting stuck inside the crashed rockets when you exit them.

-Companions may bug out/get stuck if you bring them into the Underwater Cave. Seriously, just listen to the message box that pops up in-game and tell them to wait, 'kay?

-Some of the Wild Wasteland content may not show up on certain saves. Unfortunately, this is a problem with the base game and has nothing to do with this mod.

-Terry, as well as random robots in the facility may get stuck behind the Vendorbot's counter. Again, this is a problem with the base game, not the mod.

Voice Credits:

Ninjanub107 - Terry

TheDemonJackal - Skullz leader

A full credits list can be found in the "permissions" tab.