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Mesh and texture replacer for the sniper rifle and unique that are found in FNV and Tale of Two Wastelands mod.

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What is this?
Replaces the Sniper Rifles with a "Redux" versions and should cover everything that is in FNV and TTW mod. I haven't looked too hard into other mods that add unique snipers so if there are some just mention it in the comment section and I'll make a patch.
Now I wouldn't exactly call this mod "lore" friendly with the designs, even though I did keep it fairly close to the original. I mostly say its not lore friendly due to the unique models as well there isn't really any good lore bits on them and had to make a lot of things up to make them actually unique rather then being a re-colour (...well beside the victory rifle/anchorage sniper).
In terms of performance you shouldn't notice anything, these do contain a higher poly models and higher res textures but its nothing too crazy.

Also just to be clear you do not need TTW to use this, but however if you have TTW installed it will also cover the weapons there.

Why Make this?

Pretty much wanted something different that wasn't Millenia's, not that I hate or think its bad it just I have been using it for too long/want something new.

How to install

Just drop it into your data folder like any other mod, or let a mod manager handle it. You will need xnvse and JIP but you should have that installed anyway, basically if you're running a modded set up you'll have the prerequisites.

Q - This doesn't work >:V!!!
A - Try installing it better, redownload it and make sure you have xnvse/jip

Q - Does this work with WMX?
A - Not at the moment, maybe I'll make a patch but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Q - No custom pipboy icons?
A - I forgot to make them and I wanted this out by a particular date so they be coming soon.

Q - I hate x design, please change it?
A - Nah, learn how to 3d model and texture then you can make stuff how you want it.

Q - Did you just steal that scope on Christine's Rifle from Fallout 4, also Fallout 4 is stinky why use???
A - I remade the thing from scratch, both model and texture. Also shh I like how some things look in F4.


me :), Bethesda/Obsidian for the og designs and TTW for making an awesome mod, Gmoi6 as I referenced his mod for the recon scope

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