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A fully voiced Medical Eyebot with over 230 lines of dialog.

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A new companion has made her way to the Mojave...

Who is Stimpak? 

Stimpak is a fully voiced medical eyebot companion (voiced by the lovely Sara Mears) with over 230 lines of fully voiced dialog. She can heal you (Once per day), will comment on her surroundings, level along side you, and chatter during your adventures in the Mojave! She won't set of traps and can carry more gear than a pack brahmin. Her stats are identical to ED-E's, making her ideal for both late game and early game characters.

Where is she?

Stimpak can be found in the Goodsprings Gas Station, which has been completely renovated to serve as a perfect player home, with storage to spare and a metric ton of clutter. It also has space outside for other companions, making it a fantastic home base. 

What else comes with this mod?

Aside from a fully voiced companion and a functional player home the mod also includes 5 new weapons, a fully scripted quest that will take you far into the Pacific Ocean, 2 new perks,and a new set of armor. 

How do I start her quest?

Simple! Go into her dialog and ask her if she wants to talk. Then simply ask her if she's ever traveled with anyone other than you and you're off to the races! Be warned, this quest is fairly difficult to low level players, it is recommended you are at least level 20 before going in. 


Stimpak's Voice Actress- http://saramears.org/

Mr.Barrow's Voice Actor- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDf8Xq8FN_c5yvv4QJcPgEw

Everett's Voice Actor- Me

Tucker's Voice Actor- A dead rat I compressed air out of (me). 

Americanwierdo- For scripting the quest and teaching me how to script such things in turn. 

Special thanks to- 

Dubiousintent,madmongo,Jokerine, and Mktavish. For answering any questions I had, no matter how basic. 

Obsidian for creating New Vegas

The pizza guy who delivered pizza to me during my long nights.

And of course, the modding community, for making this possible. 

Cgy95 for his companion tutorial.

Easter Eggs? (SPOILERS)

Why yes, there are a few Easter eggs in this mod. One of which is located on the lower level of "Exus Bunker Level 1", behind an average locked door. 

Many terminal entries contain pop culture references as well!

Known Bugs? (Minor Spoilers)

So far there are two known bugs in the mod. 

Bug #1, Stimpak doesn't go to the gas station or 38 after being dismissed, she will just stay where she is. If you want to get her to stay in the 38 you'll have to drop her off there first. 

This issue has been fixed...sort of. Stimpak still does not go to the gas station when fired but she will go to the 38, however she goes there by walking, not teleportation, so it can take an absurd amount of time, and she can get stuck on many objects along the way. 

Bug #2- The "reactor terminal" doesn't quite work until you use the console to "resurrect it", I'm not sure why this happens and I've done everything in my power to fix it, but its current state seems to be the best I can get. 

Those are the only bugs I know of, if you know more please comment and tell me about them and I'll do my best to fix the issue! 

Bug #3- The Reactor Terminal, like Mr.House's Mainframe, can sometimes be destroyed if the planets align. If this happens, simply reload a save and make sure it doesn't get destroyed. 

And that's the mod! I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of this as I did making it! Enjoy! Also I love to see what people are doing with Stimpak, so upload any images you see fit!