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Re-Texture of Vanilla Heavy Weapons

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I decided to replace vanilla textures with new one, they are pretty close but with much more details, redone normals and improved spec. From my point now it looks a little more real will all dust/rust/scratches. I hope you will enjoy it and get better game experience.

Retextured Weapons:
  • Minigun/CZ57 Avenger
  • Missile Launcher/Annabelle
  • 25mm Grenade APW (Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC)
  • Grenade Machinegun/Mercy
  • Flamer/Cleansing Flame (Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC)
  • Gatling laser/Sprtel-Wood 9700 (Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC)
  • Grenade Launcher
  • K9000 cyberdog gun/FIDO (Old World Blues DLC)
  • Shoulder mounted machine gun (Lonesome Road DLC)
  • Arc Welder (Lonesome Road)
  • 4k Tesla Cannon and Tesla Prototype (because of shitty UV layout and scaling) added by your requests.
  • Plasma Caster/The Smitty Special (Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC)
  • Red Glare (Lonesome Road DLC)

  • 2k/1k Textures for 1stPerson/World View
  • Remastered Normals and Alpha/Glow, from scratch Diffuse and Specular Maps
  • 177(!) Detailed Textures
  • Compatible with Any Non-Texture Mods (should be)
  • All Work Was Done with Love

- WMX –°ompatibility Replacer (Replaces WMX Textures with IHWT) http://static-2.nexusmods.com/15/mods/130/images/56314-1-1405406225.jpg

I recomend you following install order:
1. WRP
2. Yukichigai's Patch
3. any other mod like WMX or Nevada
4. IHWT with 'no' option to any overwrite requests. (you may try replace all textures and meshes, it may work too, but with higher chance of getting glitches)

This will decrease to minimum possible glitches at the cost of losing few textures from my mod.

See my other work:
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Deck Officer Suit

P.S.: Let me know if you find any glitches.

Watch before playing )