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Fixed camera jumps, animation snapping, movement lock, broken aim in 3rd person.

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- Fixed camera jumps, animation snapping and movement lock in 1st and 3rd person.
- Fixed severe aiming issues in 3rd person that were causing player and NPC's alike to sometimes fire straight forward even when aiming straight up or down. (This covers single-action, bolt-action, pump-action, lever-action fire animation variants)
- Rearranged the entire "fire animation variants" file structure and individual animation priorities. This was ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to fix animation snapping. But dont worry, all animations are all there as Hitman47101 made them. Nothing was lost.
- Fixed and updated 2hrAttack5 Alternative - Optional File from original mod to work with this bugfix.
- Fixed and updated Revolver Fanning - Optional File from original mod to work with this bugfix.
- Fixed Tactical Reloads Addon - Optional File from original mod to work with this bugfix.
- Fixed VANILLA issue when hip-firing lever-action in 3rd person, the first, non-consecutive shot will always miss regardless of weapon spread or Steady chem buff. (Had to include 3rd person 2hrattack5.kf from my personal stash which is a vanilla animation modified by me to fix misaligned aiming, Yes i'm a Steady addict).

*Unfixed* (To do list)
- Frame snapping when firing hunting rifle, cowboy repeater type guns in 1st person and 3rd person. Not sure whats the cause, might be a problem with 1st person animations. Reference here.
Snapping seems unfixable in 1st person... definitely nothing wrong with animations. Appears to be an engine issue. Its everywhere, not just lever-action guns, but really hard to notice if the gun is one handed.
Seeing how there are no attack variants in vanilla game except for melee and unarmed, no surprise they are buggy when applied to firearms, probably it was never intended to be used for guns.

- Fix character disappearing\rotating 90 degrees for short time during 9mm partial reload in 3rd person in Tactical Reload Addon. Maybe, maybe.
- Nothing.

A note for modders regarding fire variants: