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A comprehensive overhaul of all vanilla scope reticles, with pixel perfect alignments and a full clear view of surroundings.

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Peripheral Scope Reticle Overhaul or PSRO for short, is a texture overhaul from scratch of the vanilla scope cross-hairs with the removed borders to meet the standards like modern games and love.
Heavily inspired by another mod on the Nexus, Peripheral Vision, a mod that just removed the black borders/background but left the scope textures untouched.

All the vanilla scopes had one particular issue. They were all off-centered and uneven due to them being low resolution and oversized scale. I redid every scope with pixel perfect alignments, redrew, repainted and while still being in boundary as a normal vanilla scope.


  • Must have this line fScopeScissorAmount=0 under [Display] in your FalloutCustom.ini or changed in Fallout.ini / FalloutPrefs.ini
  • If you're using FOV Slider from Roy Batty, go to the MCM, FOV Slider, and DISABLE Scope Scissoring or set Scope Scissoring to 0.

Disabling Scope Scissoring
gets rid of unnecessary borders


Simply drag n' drop or Download with your mod manager of choice. Put it anywhere it doesn't matter.
Recommended to load the mod somewhere at the BOTTOM BELOW ALL WEAPON MODS or WITH THE UI - HUD MODS.
If you're downloading PSRO - Peripheral Depth Blur, load the plugin AFTER BUG FIXES and Motion Sickness Destroyer if you're using that mod.


Early Stages of the Mod

Short Meme

Blur Testing and Montage Showcase

If you encounter issues or have suggestions please comment, bug report
such and such. I will try to help to the best of my abilities I'm not
the one to be asked with weird problems. Thank you for reading if you
made it this far.

Amazing guy that helped me solve an issue with compression and awful white fringing.
Also setting up blur on scopes.
He's the man.