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Adds a complete re-texture of the F:NV Flare Gun.

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A complete 2k re-texture of the Flare Gun in F:NV. Textures were made quite some time ago, I just never fully packaged them and shipped them out.

|What this does|
Replaces the game's Flare Gun texture with my 2k textures. Sadly, the .nif [model] is edited due to an important texture set missing. No plugins.

|Compatibility / Requirements|


I think it's compatible with WMX. However, I could be completely wrong. Don't worry about it. I'll just make a patch for it if someone reports incompatibility with it.

It's not compatible with anything that edits or changes the textures or model of the flare gun.


• In contrast to the original texture, there is a wood grip compared to the metal one on the original. This was made in mind to contrast the colors. It looks pretty terrible on this poor model the game decided to use.
• If you use mods that makeshift models of the base game weapons to make new models, and they are using the flare gun textures, this will overwrite their textures and potentially make it look more weird than it already does.

PrinceMinusA (It's me!) - Creating textures and making folders to put those textures into.
RoyBatty - Extraordinary work with creating WMIM. Patch available. Link to mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/65052

Contact me if you had questions or concerns.