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Third in the factions reloaded series. This mod adds lots of new quests, lots of which are voice acted and lip synched, a new town called New Dayglow, new fully-working merchants, a new faction called the marauders, over 50 new interiors and buildings, hundreds of new NPCs, and new camps devoted to expanding the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Permissions and credits
What's in this mod?
In a nutshell, this mod adds lots of new quests (lots of which are fully voiced and lip-synched), new locations, camps, a new town called New Dayglow, new interiors, and more! Most of them are based on the Followers of the Apocalypse but there is also a new faction called the Marauders. I also added follower merchants who sell various items who are also voiced. This mod will be a lot more quest-heavy than my older ones, but don't expect anything insane. I added a lot of areas around the Mojave, so I didn't have enough time to work on one specific quest for a very large amount of time.

Thanks to the team that has helped me so much with this mod!

High quality screenshots taken by lonewanderer518

Voice Actors:

(New in v1.3)Chase - LaResistance / Sturm the VA Man
(New in v1.3)Edward - LaResistance / Sturm the VA Man
Liz - RangerBoo
Josiah - MartinPurvis
Alex - th3overseer
Mike - th3overseer
Jacob - Mtwigan
Followers Merchants - Mtwigan
Dr. Hernandez - thefarb

Alpha Testers:

I need someone to help me out with scripting for future mods, if anyone is willing to do so. As you play this mod you'll notice that quite a few of the quests are pretty simple. I just need someone that can help me script events and stuff. I have no idea where everyone gets this scripting experience, as I haven't found any good tutorials and I've learned everything by failing over and over until something works.

A lot of other characters will be voiced in future updates, but for right now all but one character is fully voiced and lip-synched.
I've been working on this mod non-stop everyday after school and work by myself for a while now, with a bit of help from the user Belthan with scripting as well as some help with ideas from the user Befo, and a lot of help from the people listed above for voice acting.

This mod is a bit more polished than the other Factions Reloaded mods, as I had alpha testers and I did run-throughs of every dialogue line and every quest to make sure it worked. While one or two of the characters aren't voiced yet (most are), there are not very many bugs. However, I won't lie. I wanted to do more, but with time restrictions I'll have to release them in updates. There's also only so much that I can do with a small faction like the followers.

New areas:
Town of New Dayglow (Named after where the followers came from; Dayglow).
Two small follower camps near the Strip Gate
Marauders Camp
Follower Motel
A few sieges (Usually marauders attacking fiend or thug hideouts)
New important bungalow in Novac with a quest from a follower named Alex.
Around 25 more small areas, mostly for quests and small stuff.
About 50 or 60 new interiors
and more!

New important characters:
(No descriptions, as I want you to learn about them in game. All people mentioned below have quests unless stated otherwise.)

Liz (Follower Motel) - (Voiced) Member of the Followers of the Apocalypse with very strong beliefs.
Josiah (Marauder Camp) - (Voiced) Leader of the Marauders, somewhat legion-friendly.
Alex (Novac) - (Voiced) Scientist for the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Jacob (New Dayglow) - (Voiced) Security Guard for the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Chase (New Dayglow) - (Voiced) Cook for the refugees in New Dayglow.
Dr. Hernandez (New Dayglow) - (Voiced) Doctor for the town of New Dayglow. Member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Mike (New Dayglow) - (Voiced) Security Chief for New Dayglow.
Edward (Mormon Fort) - (Voiced) Follower of the Apocalypse member.
Susan (Freeside, Near Strip Gate) -(No quest, not voiced yet) Followers of the apocalypse member with unique dialogue. Just a doctor taking care of some refugees
And LOTS of others!

Other new stuff:
A new faction called the marauders. They have some back-story, and are involved in a quest or two. Their idea is to clean up the wastes by killing the "unwanted people" like fiends and raiders. They also have a couple areas where they're attacking new fiend camps or new freeside thug areas.
A new quest in the Mormon Fort, with a large new interior and a lot of back-story.
And a LOT more. I didn't keep a change-log as I made the mod, so I didn't have everything written down. However, you'll notice huge changes in the areas that I worked on.

Pretty much everything. I run AWOP, NVInteriors, Warzones, Increased Wasteland Spawns, and more and while there has been a couple minor issues I haven't found anything major so far. There was also a pretty good sized alpha team who went through and didn't find any issues as far as I know.

This mod adds around a lot of new NPCs around the Mojave, and adds a lot of depth, storyline and background to the Followers. I always felt that they weren't represented enough in the game, so I aimed to change that.

There is a lot more stuff than what is listed here, this is just a brief summary of some of the main things it adds.

Extract the zip file to your data folder

Delete all files associated with the mod, or just delete the .esp

Please let me know what you think, and criticism is always appreciated!