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Novac Reborn has been totally revamped from an empty middle of nowhere town into a prospering middle of nowhere town. Following the game setting, Novac has become a central trading depot for passing caravans; showing in its cleaner and better developed feel.

Permissions and credits
- PLEASE READ: I am looking for voice actress for a Novac Reborn NPC quest line. Need a female talent, able to sound between the ages of 17 and 30. Need roughly 30-40 lines of dialogue recorded. Must have own microphone available. Please also note that a request may be made for future voice work should this NPC be expanded into additional quest lines.

- I highly recommend that you install the texture mods I list in the sections below. Vanilla textures will not look as the pictures represent and will also show more landscape/structure imperfections (many which are present in the vanilla game).

- I have given Novac a facelift, adding more life to the developing trading town. This includes custom NPCs as well as a new questline. In developing Novac Reborn, I took a more defensive approach as the settlement lies further from the NCR outpost and closer to Legion territory.
- NOTE that the voice acting for the new questline is not yet available. Due to delays, I am releasing this mod without it so you all can enjoy the addition. Once the acting becomes available, I will offer an updated version with it included. Sadly, there is no ETA as of yet.
- ANY mods that alters the interiors of the motel will work with this mod as I made NO changes within these structures.

- This is an immersion mod, not intending to detract from the core lore of the game. I just found many of the stops early in the game were extremely bland and needed some visual attention.
- In designing this mod, I work around the most popular/imaginative mods so they easily snap together. Future changes/mods will reflect this.

- This mod is final unless any fixes become required.
- Novac Reborn is 100% safe for heavily modified games and will not/should not conflict. Also is fine for existing saved games. Enjoy!
- PLEASE endorse if you find this mod stable and a favorable change over vanilla Novac.

- Goodsprings Reborn - A nice overlay that is made to work WITH popular mods that have some changes in GS. No need for load order bloating patches.
- Primm Reborn - An immersive trip into Primm, with enhanced challenge and more to experience.

- At first arrival, players will find Novac's defenses slightly more complete. Inside, you will find cleaner grounds and more active NPCs. Families have been added to the settlement, as well as local farmers and cropland; adding to the feel of a thriving community built on the ashes of a broken world.

- New Interiors, several private residences have been added with inhabitants.
- A new questline! Help a local mechanic recover a lost heirloom, earning access to her available goods and services.
- Few extra NPCs for additional variety/immersion.
- Some minor foliage and trees added to the grounds of Novac.

UPDATE: Version 1.3 is out. (Still need voice actress however)
- Novac Reborn requires all DLC. Why? Because I used a few things from these DLCs for the revamp and most legal users should have the DLC anyhow. I will not be making a DLC-free version.

COMPATIBILITY: (also recommended)
- I designed this mod to be fully compatible with the following mods.
ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland
A World of Pain
NV Interiors Project <--- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Speed-E Wheels Travel System

NV Novac Apartment
Project Nevada

GRAPHIC/ENVIRONMENT MODS: - Those I use and what you see in the screenshots.
One HUD by Gopher
DYNAVISION 3 - Total Visual Enhancement
Nevada Skies URWL
NMC Texture Pack
Poco Bueno Texture Pack
The Imaginator

- I have worked hard to make sure the following mods with all their additions/changes are not affected in any way by Novac Reborn. So utilizing them should be just fine. I suggest you use one of these anyhow, NVEC is my choice; but MM is a fantastic mod as well. I just do not suggest using both.
New Vegas Enhanced Content
Mission Mojave

Sunny Smiles

- Any mod that heavily alters Novac.

- Using MO, NMM or FOMM simply add and click install. This is a single .ESP file.
- Manual installation, simply drop the .ESP file into your game's DATA directory.
- Load Order: Place low in your Load Order, typically just before patches and batch files.

- Bethesda Softworks for developing a game platform with amazing customization, thus allowing for a stellar modding community.
- The Nexus Community for an environment of creativity.

- Download and Enjoy. Please do not post on any other modding website, this is a Nexus exclusive.