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-Fully Functional Companion Wheel -Fully Voiced & Synched -Over 300 lines voiced and synched dialogue -3 New Perks -4 New Ingestibles -4 New Quests -And More...

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Delilah is a fully scripted, synched and voiced, lore-friendly female medical companion for New Vegas. She has a fully functional companion wheel.

Her textures, meshes, and hair are completely self-contained requiring no additional mods. [credits given below]

Delilah was raised in Goodsprings and has lived there all her life. She lived with her father and his tribal bodyguard, Sulik until their deaths.
She is Doc Mitchell's nurse, and has an aptitude for medicine. She has recently begun thinking of adventure, and helping Doc Mitchell with the
wounded stranger in town seems to her like it might be her ticket out..

Can you help Delilah achieve her goals of becoming a legitimate Mojave MD and finding her true calling?

- Over 300 lines of fully voice acted/lip synched unique dialogue
- Unique Tattooed Body Type (ALICE T3)
- 3 Marked Quests leading Delilah along the path of becoming a Mojave doctor
- And unmarked quest included just for fun (but not without it's rewards!)
- 3 new perks Delilah gives you over the course of your travels
- 4 unique new Aid items taught to Delilah by her "Uncle" Sulik [craftable through dialogue]
- Learns ACTUAL DOCTOR ABILITIES as your companion!! (ie; heal health & limbs, cure addictions, remove poison, & remove radiation)
- 2 fully-functioning menus (combat menu & medical) usable in and out of combat
- Essential and Weapon Alert toggles [in dialogue]
- Affected by the Ferocious Loyalty perk
- Scripted to use Stimpaks/SuperStimpaks, Antivenom, & Med-X at appropriate times in and out of combat (ie; after critical hits, when health gets low, etc)

Delilah is located in the house next to Chet's store in Goodsprings.

This is my first ever mod of anything, so any feedback is much appreciated. Bug reports I will give my attention to ASAP, but
hopefully there are none. Enjoy!

Just extract the archive in the your [ C:\..FalloutNewVegas\data\ ] folder, then activate Delilah.esp in your FOMM or NMM.

Sometimes Delilah can have dialogue disappear. If you encounter this please PM me if you discover one.

Download and distribute. Just give credit where credit is due.
PS: reverse engineering is a great way to learn.

Dimon99 for Type3 Body
Micalov for Wasteland Freelancer Clothing
LazMonk for his Tribal Tatoos .psd
llamaRCA and drag6525 for the Willow & Marcus companions respectively (which I dissected to learn how to do this)
CheronApollyon for the neck chain, turquoise necklace icon, book textures and icons that go with them
Kaw for the body jewelry
Mak07 for the turquoise necklace, bag, and leg gaurds
Mikoto's Beauty Pack for the Hair and Eyes [Beauty Pack not required]
My wife Miriam, not only for her diligent voice acting, but for the long hours she spent alone in bed as I worked on this.
LWIDSkeet for his excellent work on the audio files, playtesting, and moral support.
RAVEPMW for the banner and images.