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Lighly overhauls the 188 Trading Post to make the area more appealing

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We can all agree that, even when Fallout New Vegas is great, its content is lacking. Due to the short development time, a vast majority of Obsidian ideas were left out of the game and a lot of locations were reduced in size or content. So traveling through the wasteland made me think of a few ideas of how these locations could be improved and with a bit of practice and a lot of patience, my mod creator hobby started. Mojave Settlement Overhaul (MSO) is a project that consist in a series of mods to improve various locations around the wasteland. I'll try to stay as vanilla as possible while also adding more life to these areas

Also, these are my first big mods, so it's all open to criticism, in fact, all new ideas are welcome as long as they encourage to improve this project.



  • Restores every other NPC that Uncut Wasteland didn't touch (2 mercs, 2 destitute travelers, 3 travelers, 1 junk vendor), all with complete AI packages

  • Doctor, so you don't need to walk down Novac every time you need one

  • Repair vendor

  • Hull and casings vendor, for when gun runners is too expensive and you need to craft your own ammo, or maybe you just like roleplaying as that kind of character

  • Restaurant at the top of the bridge

  • Adds plenty more detail to the area to really make it look like a tradding spot

  • Gives the area a more lively feel

For more information just look at the pics

For the moment being, the new NPCs have yet to be voiced.

It should be compatible with anything but just in case let me know if there's any trouble.

The mod changes an area of the game and as consequence if you want things showing up properly from a distance I would recommend using FNVLODGen