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An overhaul for the town of Primm which focuses on environmental storytelling to make the town feel like a proper, believable and realistic pre-war and post war settlement. New NPCs, buildings, clutter, notes, terminal entries, enemies, unique weapons and a more fleshed out settlement as a whole.

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Video by AlChestBreach. The mod is featured around the 4:00 minute mark. Big shout out and thanks to Al for featuring my mod.

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Primm was the ungodly amount of empty space in the town. It was just too barren. This was probably due to the time constraints the developers had and the limitations of the consoles and the engine itself probably. The town in itself didn't feel complete. 

There was just too much empty space, especially outside the Bison Steve. Also, the roller coaster being way it was made no sense. By the looks of things, before the war, people could just go where they wanted. Including standing on the tracks....... directly in the path of a speeding roller coaster........... waiting to be reduced to mush....... yeah. The whole thing seemed poorly thought out, in my opinion. Maybe there was a fence around the coaster but there were no remnants of a pre-war safety fence either. It wasn't practical or realistic and don't get me started on everything else.

I have tried to improve Primm by adding logical additions that enhance what was already there and still keep the same feel and vibe the developers originally wanted. I wanted to enhance Primm but in a lore friendly. This mod is meant to further heighten your immersion and make Primm more believable and realistic. I used photos of the actual settlement for ideas and layout. For a full features list and what's added, go to the 'FEATURES' section below.

The mod strives to make Primm a proper settlement, as opposed to just two large buildings facing each other. Primm felt like it was ambushed by convicts on day one. This is how it always was, the whole town existed solely for the player. It wasn't a self sufficient or a believable settlement. It existed simply to apply the over-used RPG cliche 'We are a town under siege' thing.

The lore itself states that Primm is supposed to be the other New Vegas and the lore itself calls it that after all (and Vanilla New Vegas wasn't much to begin with either but that's a different story). This doesn't mean I make Primm a whole new New Vegas. This mod takes what was there and enhances it so it lives up to that name. A simpler, more budget New Vegas.

It also makes the town seem a little more post-apocalyptic (something that was kinda missing from F:NV and yes I know that was mainly because Vegas and the surrounding area wasn't hit that badly by the nukes thanks to Mr.House). It doesn't make it post apocalyptic in an over the top way. The mod tries to feel un-intrusive, like this is how it should have been from the start, a part of the game from the beginning. I have tried to make the additions well thought out, that seem to blend seamlessly with the base game.

The mod started out to just add a fence around the roller coaster but grew into a lot more when I saw all the empty space. Vanilla Primm wasn't the settlement it could and should have been. It was clearly rushed due to the small development time Obsidian was given. This mod tries to rectify that and enhances Primm.

TL;DR Primm was too barren and empty and I decided to do something about it.


A proper gate and entrance for Primm with a sign along with a basic wall around the whole perimeter of Primm to give some semblance of a settlement. There is another gate to the right of the main entrance which would have been used by merchants and caravans from the Mojave outpost and the other settlements.

Improved the exterior of the Bison Steve by adding trees, benches and lightposts. Also Improved the Bison Steve entrance to add some semblance of a proper entrance. Also improved the entrance and surrounding of the Vikki and Vance Casino. The entrance is now more prominent and the building itself has been improved with more signs and clutter. 


A roadside cafe near the Vikki and Vance (Mindy and Mitch's roadside cafe) has been added that is run by the two siblings Mindy and Mitch. They will re-open once the law is brought back to Primm. The siblings each have seperate AI packages and will be holed up in the Vikki and Vance like the rest of Primm's remaining residents until the law is brought back to the town. They also have their own house to live in. Mindy sells food, water, stims and can cut the player character's hair. Mitch sells alcohol, chems and can repair the player's gear.

Also, there are differences in prices for goods depending on who was made sheriff. If Meyer's was made sheriff, the siblings will offer no discount. If the NCR were brought in to protect the town, they will charge 10% extra in their prices due to NCR taxes. If Primm Slim was made sheriff, they will offer a 10% discount.

A commons house/resthouse that used to be run by an old lady by the name of Ms. Tao Okashima. Another place to sleep, a trailer park type area (Rick's Rentals) where travellers could rent cheap beds to spend nights, especially travellers going back to California or travellers from the other settlements going to Vegas via the I-15.

A chainlink fence now surrounds and goes around the entire roller coaster track like it does in real life roller coasters and the actual one in Primm. There is also an alternate and realistic entry or exit area where visitors would get on and off the roller coaster along with an outdoor roller coaster operator station. Added a couple of photo booths and a couple of benches at the left of the Bison behind the operator station to give an idea of pre-war Primm.

Some new dead residents to show the aftermath of the convict attack and that some casualties were suffered to make the attack feel realistic and believable. A couple of dead town guards and notes to help flesh things out about the attack and explain why the town fell. A few guard towers have been added which have working ladders. A dead casino guard with a note was added to the town entrance as a warning to the NCR and any other would be heroes.

A proper settlement like this which would have gotten a large influx of travellers both from the strip and other settlements so it makes sense it would have had a medical clinic so a clinic was added but due to a reduction in travellers in recent months it closed down and the doctor moved on as did a few of the other settlers.

A town with a decent population needs a source and some form of sustenance and can't rely on just trade alone so a Brahmin pen and small plantation was added to give the idea that the local populace could grow their own food and not rely solely on external trade.

Added extra billboards, streetlights and bus stops with proper bus shelters to portray Primm as an old pre-war settlement. In some areas it felt like certain things like streetlights were just missing. More clutter in general to remove the overall sparseness.

Improved the gas station by adding a few cars and a trailer with beds which would have acted as a place to sleep for the guards that once lived in the town. Added a liquor store sign to the building near the gas station (goes extremely well with New Vegas Interiors Project Addon).

More NPCs have been added to give an idea of a decent settlement population but within limits of the existing lore (this mod doesn't make Primm a metropolis with npcs and houses crammed everywhere). For now it includes a couple of dead residents, a couple of dead town guards and a dead casino guard (the casino should have had at least one guard), Mindy and Mitch and a couple of dead farmers. Ol' John and Little Amy are two new NPCs that will enable once Primm has been saved and the casino re-opens. Why they weren't there in the beginning has been explained in the game via notes.

A few more convicts have been added to the town worldspace and you will find them prowling around the town. They will be more spread out unlike the two lone convicts wandering outside the Vikki and Vance. The number of convicts hasn't been increased to insane levels and you wont find an army of convicts running around but there are just enough to make you feel like the town is definitely riddled with convicts and the NCR although spread thin couldn't reclaim the town due to the number of convicts skulking about. The Addition of a few more enemies will improve the gameplay and challenge element and help invoke a sense of accomplishment.

A convict sub-boss called Bad Bill has also been added inside the new parking lot. He'll have a unique double barrelled shotgun (The Buffalo Killer). It's a good weapon for beginners and isn't over-powered. The fight itself should be challenging. Expect a game of cat and mouse and remember to take lots of cover using the car bodies and try not to get too close to him or let him get to close, he'll probably tear you to shreds. 

Added a detective Agency (Blake's detective agency) with a classic film noir vibe. It's located at a classic noir style street located at the rear of the city, near the water tower. A jazzy noir track plays around the location (only at night to boot) for that noir vibe. It's meant as a way to add some worthwhile additions and meaningful establishments to the town outside of just shacks and ruined houses and not seem out of place at the same time. The agency has an interior and a terminal with some case files at the moment. There is also diner outside the agency (Scarlett's Diner). Things about the diner are explained in some notes around town and more notes will be added later.

The dead receptionist has a unique weapon on her called 'A girl's best friend'. It's a unique .22 magnum revolver with decent stopping power and is meant to be used as a holdout weapon mostly.

A new unique outfit can be found at the detective agency called the Pre-War Detective Outfit. It's based on the Mysterious Stranger Outfit and it gives minor boosts to Perception, Charisma and Guns. The outfit itself is in the cabinet and the hat is hanging on the hatstand behind the door.

Fixed a few bugs I came across. These were mostly clipping issues like plants clipping through fences or floating statics like a floating fire barrel. These are fairly minor and most people wouldn't notice these minor issues in the first place. As far as I checked, YUP doesn't fix these.

Added a lot of notes to help flesh things out. Added some easter eggs and some things you're only likely to discover if you explore a bit. Some things are there simply to add some much needed atmosphere to the town like the Hangman's tree near John's shack or the various teddy bears around town put there by Amy. The bodies of the various dead npcs added by the mod will disappear once the law has been restored and the NCR deserters are dealt with. This will add a dynamic mechanic to the mod. More noticable changes to show that the town is slowly getting back on it's feet.

None. Vanilla Fallout New Vegas only.
All mod releases are cleaned before release. No ITMs or UDRs.
Might make YUP and the DLCs a requirement in the future.

FNVLODGEN - Needed to generate the required LOD for the new buildings added by the mod.
Little Fair in Primm - Awesome mod that adds a lot of atmosphere to another empty area in Primm and fully compatible with this mod. Highly recommended.
New Vegas Interiors - Essential, Nuff said.
NV Interiors Project Addon - Another great mod you should try. More places to explore is a good thing.

ENBoost - An essential utility for F:NV. Really helps with stability and memory issues, not just with this mod but in general.
FNV 4GB Patcher by Roy Batty - LuthienAnarion - Essential for anybody playing F:NV on pc
NVSR - Essential, same as above.
YUP - Essential for any F:NV playthrough.
Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3 - Pure awesomeness personified.
Less Horrendous Vikki and Vance Casino LOD - Shameless self promotion :P (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/63956/?)

This is my first settlement mod using the CK/G.E.C.K. I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section.
Do comment if you like or don't like something and if you have any ideas or suggestions, do share them.

Do report any bugs you come across.

The mod is compatible with almost all mods except for mods that directly change Primm like Primm Reborn etc.

Compatible with The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino and Electro city out of of the box. No compatibility patches needed. Compatible with Puce Moose's Tales From the Burning Sands.

Not compatible with Better New Vegas. The reasons are that the Better New Vegas mod is old and removes too many things that my mod depends on like walls and other structures. Better New Vegas is a good mod and I actually like what it does to Primm but I think it goes against the lore and real life Primm isn't that big to begin with. The additions made to Primm should have been for Westside or something imo. Anyway, Sorry to Better New Vegas fans but it’s unlikely a patch will be made.

Feel free to upload some screenshots, good screens are always appreciated. Before/After screens are given in the images section.

Me for the mod
Obsidian for the game
Bethesda for publishing the game and the G.E.C.K
ElminsterAU for FNVEdit. Thank you Elminster for this indispensible tool.
Fallout 3 Weapons Iron Sight -Modders Resource- V1dot3 by LORD DARIUS and Jtrainz 
Nifskope by the Nifskope team
Launius for the 44 Snubnose mesh 
Quetzlsacatanango for the sign meshes
Lilwayne1982 for LilWayne1982s Modders Rescources for his comic resources

Sandbox6 for how to get the bodies to disappear without scripts.
Paper texture : https://www.brusheezy.com/textures/48605-badly-crumpled-brown-paper-texture
Pxhere.com - Stock photo
The Nexus community for being such an all round great place and community where people can come together, share ideas and share their personal projects with the world. Amazing projects in which some very talented and passionate people have come together and made some of the most awesome and unbelievably cool stuff for the games we love. 

Night on the Docks - Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Night on the Docks - Trumpet Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Music for John's Shack : www.bensound.com