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Doubles the size of the New Vegas Medical Clinic, adding additional detail and NPCs.

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Medical Clinic Expanded

1.1 now with significant optimization fixes! Massive thanks to ghostnull for implementing room bounds and portals to the interior space.

An overhaul for the New Vegas Medical Clinic that kinda got out of hand. 

If you go look at the vanilla interior for the clinic, it's really strange. The exterior suggests a much larger building but the interior space only uses up half of it, terminating at the bathroom. On top of that, the design is really dismal; this is allegedly a busy medical clinic but the only inhabitants consist of Usanagi, two guards and a single aimless student in the classroom. There's not even that much room for patients.

This mod opens up the interior with additional rooms, details and NPCs. 

Includes the follow(er)ing:

-Double the size!
-Several new NPCs! (Some with custom voice acting!)
-Soaked with detail

I had hoped to include more, but this project had been sitting in my hard drive for months. I might come back at some point to implement certain things that I previously couldn't, including more fleshed out NPCs and a handful of small sidequests. 


Thanks to the following modders for their resources:

Jokerine's Misc Resources
Momo's Hanging Cloths Resource
ST Modder's Resources

A very special thanks to the following voice actors:
Wyatt Henry - Followers Doctor
Connor Bushoven - Followers Student

Extra Notes:

Older machines may experience some slowdown within the clinic due to all the additional assets. 

While not essential, I recommend using this alongside  Kris Takahashi's NV 3DNPC pack; it includes two custom-voiced Followers Doctors that idle and talk to oneanother in one of the vanilla rooms; a good portion of the new furniture/idle markers are intended to be used by them.