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A compilation of many smaller gameplay mods by various authors, all fully fixed, optimized, and updated

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Anyone remember the Yukichigai Gameplay Tweaks mod? It was a great mod that merged many of Yuki's small gameplay mods together, along with a bunch of mods from other authors, many of which were updated for better compatibility/performance. Unfortunately, the mod has been hidden for quite a while now with no signs of returning. I decided to take inspiration from that and do something similar. Every mod used either has open permissions or the author gave me permission to include. Should be compatible with nearly any mod, there are as few direct edits as possible. All included mods will be listed alphabetically below with proper credit given to each author, along with what I may have changed. If an author of any of the listed mods wants me to remove it, just DM me and I will. I am also open to requests on mods to add.

Included Mods:

Adjusted Gambler Hats by elr0y7
And Stay Back Improved by TrueVoidwalker (moved quest script to JIP Script Runner) 
Better Archimedes II by Hopper31 and weijiesen
Better Ghouls by me
Bryce Anders Companion Inventory by Yukichigai (removed redundant edits)
Burden to Bear - Original by TrueVoidwalker (changes moved to script runner)
Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson Map Marker Rep by AVeryUncreativeUsername (moved quest script to JIP Script Runner)
Cannibal Plus - More Cannibal-related recipes by Yukichigai (removed new items)
Casino Exchange All by pintocat (script optimizations, integrated Casino - No Legion Aureus for cashing out by Yukichigai)
Common Caravan Deck by Soukey (regular version)
Complex Vendors by me
Dead Money - Surprise Vending Items Restoration by Yukichigai (re-made to use event handlers and script runner)
Dixon Recipes - Jet - Whiskey by Yukichigai (NPC/item edits moved to script)
Enslaving Arcade fix by whyareall (forwarded YUP fixes)
Faction Armor Redone YUPdated by Zebumper and darthbdaman
Fix for the Caesar Legion Armors by YanL (Armor edits moved to script runner)
Harvestable Cave Fungus by PushTheWinButton 
Hit - Cowboy Victor by hitman47101
Hit - Happy Beeping - ED-E Has Personality - by hitman47101 (removed stat edits, moved NPC edits to script)
Lively Cass by Zebumper
Lively Gourmand by Zebumper (tweaked to be consistent with other changes in this mod)
Lively Street Vendor by Zebumper (NPC edits moved to script)
Logic and Consistency Fixes by qwertyasdfgh (removed redundant edits, forwarded YUP fixes, bug fixes)
Lootable Safehouse Keys by ledzepiv (NPC edits moved to script)
Improved Rawhide Cowboy Hat Mesh by deleted11272243
Mastahbossu's Misc Mods (Fixed Ed-E height, Mother Lupa, and Vicious Violetta)
Mass Ownership Tweaks by me
Melee Reach Fixed by naugrim04 (Moved weapon edits to script)
Negative Karma for Grave Digging by Jokerine
Nuka Chemist Plus by Yukichigai (removed new items)
Passive Combat Music Tweaked by Demorome and mastahbossu (new and improved version) 
Philippes Recipes - Unlock Recipes by Yukichigai (removed new items)
Player home and safehouse crafting and storage by AVeryUncreativeUsername (tweaks and fixes)
Real Unique Flame Weapons by MrShersh (bug fixes and moved weapon edits to script)
Return Vance's Gun by sandbox6
Ringo Faction Fix (moved NPC edit to script)
Semitransparent Door Glass (plugin version) by KaneWright and KiCHo666 (many mesh and plugin fixes)
Spore Plants - Drop Spore Plant Pods by Yukichigai (Moved creature edits to script)
Shut Up DLC Companions by ZuTheSkunk
Strip Wall Billboards by sandbox6 (forwarded YUP fix)
Tesla Cannon Animation Fix by Hopper31 and Hitman47101
The Moon Comes Over The Tower - Restored by TheMattyFez (Integrated YUP fixes)
Thermic Lance - Fire effects by Yukichigai (Moved weapon edits to script)
Transparent Nuka Bottles by RoyBatterian
Tunneler Hide Recipes by Soukey (removed new items, just kept ability to tan hides/make belts. Recipes don't show until starting LR)
Tutorial Killer by pintocat (minor script optimizations, expanded to a few mod messages) 
Useless Radios now play fix by Zenball
Vendors - 45-70 Ammo - Availability Fix (integrated non-redundant half)
You take a sip from your trusty Vault 13 canteen by JustinOther (integrated YUP fixes)

- Other than all of the afforementioned authors;
Lucas9 - Bug fixes
PSI7 - Bug fixes

As all the work I used is either open source/stuff I had permission for, you can also use this however you want. I don't expect you to be able to individually credit the 100 different authors though lol