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The submod of Misc Gameplay Merge that adds in crafting stations conflicts with LimeMod's interior overhauls. This is meant to fix that.

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This mod looks at these locations:

Lucky 38 Presidential Suite

Novac Motel Room

Atomic Wrangler Corner Room

Vault 21 Room

Tops Presidential Suite

Tops High Roller Suite

Bon Vivant Suite

NCR Ranger Safehouse

Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse

Legion Safehouse

Followers Safehouse

This mod attempts to keep the visuals of LimeMod's interior overhauls while keeping the spirit of having all crafting stations available in these player homes. This leads to some awkward situations when stuffing a reloading bench, workbench, and hot plate into a home; which is why Novac has an alternate setup. This also means that new containers implemented by the Misc Gameplay Merge are generally deleted, and the crafting stations are moved around. Generally the crafting stations and furniture added by TGIMO, LFSO, LCSO are preferred.

The alternate Novac setup is the one in which the counter is replaced by crafting stations.