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A collection of mods to fix some strange things in the game.

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This is a collection of small mods, which fix some strange things in the game. These are not straight up "bug fixes", but small improvements aimed at people who like attention to details.

Main File

The main (merged) version includes all of the individual files + the following mods:

Individual Files

[Ver. 1.3] Campfire Recipes Cleaned
Cleans up campfire recipes list:
- Recipes involving specific DLC items (Datura Root, Cloud Residue and Salient Green) will not show up until player has the required item in inventory.
- Moved some recipes between "Aid", "Chems" and "Food" sub-categories, for example Healing Powder is now under "Aid" and Mass Purified Water under "Food".
- Poisons are now under "Misc" category.
- Datura Hide recipe moved to campfire from workbench.

[Ver. 1.3] Fiery Purgative Equip Sound
Adds an equip sound to Fiery Purgative item from Lonesome Road DLC, which was previously missing one.

[Ver. 1.3] Mojave Cave Fungus
Replaces some of the static version of cave fungus in main game locations with harvestable versions of Cave Fungus (from Honest Hearts) and Mutant Cave Fungus (from Old World Blues).
Green glowing fungi were replaced with mutant version, red and neutral-colored - with regular cave fungus.

[Ver. 1.2] Silver Rush Second Guard
Adds a second guard to Silver Rush door during Birds of a Feather quest, after Gloria Van Graff tells the player, that she's found somebody for this job.
Effect is retroactive, if you're on existing savegame after completing Birds of a Feather and Van Graffs are alive, walk into Silver Rush and then back out and the guard will appear.

[Ver. 1.2] Doc Mitchell Items Ownership
Makes all items in Doc Mitchell's house owned, so taking them counts as stealing.
Additionally, patient bed (the one where the game starts) is no longer owned, so it can be used for the player to sleep.

[Ver. 1.1]
 Map Marker Reputation Tweaks

Tweaks displayed faction reputation on several map markers:
- Legion Raid Camp will show Caesar's Legion reputation
- Red Rock Drug Lab and Great Khan Encampment will show Great Khans reputation
- Follower's Outpost and New Vegas Medical Clinic will show Followers reputation
- Camp Forlorn Hope will show NCR reputation
- If HELIOS One power plant is taken by Legion forces, it will show Legion reputation, instead of NCR

[Ver. 1.1] Weightless Unplayable Ammo
Makes all unplayable ammo types weightless, even in hardcore mode.
In practice, that means that ED-E (and potential other robot companions
from mods) will not have "ghost" weight in their inventory.
Funny thing is, YUP already fixes a couple of such ammo types, but for some reason not all of them.

[Ver. 1.1] G.I. Blues Rotface Fix
Tweaks dialogue conditions, so the option to ask Rotface for help during "G.I.
Blues" quest is always available (as long as it's relevant, of course).
Previously it was only possible to get information from him before visiting one of the squatter camps.

[Ver. 1.0] Usable Big Horn Saloon Bar Stools

In vanilla game 6 stools in Big Horn Saloon are non-interactable. I can only assume this was done because of the height difference between the stools and the bar counter, which resulted in minor clipping during sitting animations. I have created an alternative stool model with slightly longer legs and tweaked their positions, so the animations line up now. I have also removed the "persistent" flag from one of the stools, as it really had no need for it.

[Ver. 1.0] HELIOS One Tower Sanity
In vanilla game the interior of this tower was really strange - you apparently ride an elevator to "observation level" and get into this huge room with multiple levels, then step outside only to realize how small the exterior of the tower is. I have tried to fix this with as little impact on interior structure as possible:
- "HELIOS One Observation Level" interior is renamed to "HELIOS One Control Room";
- the original elevator is replaced with regular utility door;
- the door to outside world is replaced with the elevator.
With these changes I feel that the whole layout makes a bit more sense.

[Ver. 1.0] Boulder City Neutral Option
When you try to negotiate with Great Khans during "Boulder City Showdown" quest and don't have sufficient Speech skill, you can return to Lt. Monroe and tell him that you're unable to negotiate a deal, to which he literally replies "It was worth a try. I'll have to proceed with the attack as ordered, then." What he does next? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, he just continues to sit there, waiting indefinitely.
With this mod NCR will actually attack after Lt. Monroe says so, which results in:
- a fight between NCR soldiers and Great Khans, which with 99% certainty will result in NCR victory;
- death of both hostages;
- quest completion without any faction reputation adjustments for the player;
- if by some miracle Great Khans manage to win the fight, they'll travel to Red Rock Canyon as normal.

[Ver. 1.0] Matching Doors
Fixes instances of mismatching exterior/interior door models in following locations:
- The Bison Steve Hotel 2nd Floor
- West Pump Station
- NCR Military Police HQ
- Michael Angelo's Workshop
- HELIOS One Power Plant
- Jacobstown Lodge

[Ver. 1.0] Vault 21 Hotel Proper Sinks
Moves the sinks in Vault 21 Hotel rooms to where you'd expect them to be (see image section).
Doing this required creating custom table meshes with holes for the sink, which is probably the reason for original strange sink placement.