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Allows you to access Bryce Anders\' inventory and trade equipment while he accompanies you inside Vault 3.

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This is just a quick-and-dirty feature I added in because the lack of it drove me nuts.

In Vault 3 you can come across a trapped NCR Ranger named Bryce Anders. Bryce has been sent to kill Motor-Runner, but has become injured and needs assistance. Depending on your actions, as well as your skill level, you can convince him to follow you and help you kill Motor-Runner.

Unfortunately, Bryce is only armed with a Combat Knife, and the game provides no easy way to give him additional equipment. Primarily, there's no "let's trade equipment" option.

Additionally, Bryce is scripted such that if he is damaged AT ALL by a member of the Fiends he dies spectacularly (his head explodes). This was done to ensure he dies if you lie to him and say he should be able to kill Motor-Runner by himself, but the effect remains active ALWAYS.

This mod changes both of the above. There is now a dialogue option to trade equipment (literally "let's trade equipment") for Bryce that is available when he is following you. Bryce also will not die the moment he is shot by a Fiend, unless you have specifically sent him off to kill Motor-Runner by himself.