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Restores the option to return Vance's gun to Primm Slim.

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  • Russian
Restores the option to return Vance's gun to Primm Slim, and corrects a number of mistakes and oversights with the quest, such as Sammy having the gun on his person if he caught you stealing it before you convince Pauline into having him give you the gun from the safe, and getting the gun back to Primm Slim before you have discovered that it is missing from the display case, though you'll still have to pass the science check to find out that he was hacked.

The reward is currently set at 100XP.

Version 1.1 puts a static version of the gun in the display case when you return it. You will no longer be able to kill Primm Slim to get it back and you won't be able to loot it either. Also added a really minor fix to Primm Slim's gun topics.

If you change your mind after returning the gun you'll have to use the console command to give yourself another one: player.additem e32f4 1

Note: this currently will NOT work if you have already retrieved the gun from Sammy. This is because Sammy's dialogue incorrectly sets the quest variable to "3", which was actually intended for the quest's completion, and Primm Slim's gun return dialogue requires it to be 2.
You can work around this by using the console command: set "e2891".vanceguncase to 2