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Put your gambling hat low, or real low.

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Lowers the Dapper, Fancy, Stylish, Suave and Well-heeled Gambler Hats on the head.

The gambler hats are some of my favorite vanilla hats to wear, but I always felt that they were a bit too high on the characters' heads.  That may be how people wore them at the time, but I like wearing my hats a bit low.  Besides, it's better for hiding your tells while gambling ;)

This mod edits the meshes for the Dapper Gambler Hat, The Fancy Gambler Hat, the Suave Gambler Hat, the Stylish Gambler Hat, and the Well-heeled Gambler Hat so that they sit lower on characters' heads.  This was done by reducing the scale of the Z vertices in the gambler hat meshes, essentially flattening the hat (99.2% on Mid, 98.5% on Low).  There might be other hats that use these meshes, but these are the only I know of.

There are two versions: Mid and Low height on the head.  Both may cause clipping (especially the Low height) depending on the character's head size and hair style, so choose appropriately.

Will conflict with any files that edit the gambler hat meshes (data\meshes\armor\headgear\gambler\gambler_fedora_01.nif, gambler_fedora_02.nif, gambler_fedora_03.nif)
Will work fine with any gambler hat retextures.
I haven't seen how this looks on every single NPC that wears them so I don't know if there are issues there, but please let me know if so.

Install with your mod manager or place in the New Vegas Data folder.

Lower-sitting Ranger Hat