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Adds a chance of fire effects to hits from the Thermic Lance, as well as from its special melee attack.

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UPDATE v0.3: Updated for the new FormIDs of the associated Repair List and Object Effect.  Use this if you are using the most recent official patch.
The Thermic Lance: wonderful weapon. Powerful and potent, especially after the most recent patch where it was given an armor-piercing effect and a critical hit chance. Unfortunately, the update still seems to have left out something....

Call me crazy, but to me it seems that a weapon called the THERMIC Lance might have some sort of fire effect associated with it. With that point in mind I have altered the Thermic Lance to have a chance of setting people on fire.


The Thermic Lance now has a special effect associated with its critical hits. Should a hit result in a critical hit, it will briefly cause the target to smolder (smoke, but no fire). This will do damage over time.

Additionally, the Thermic Lance's special melee attack has been altered. Instead of ''Scrap Heap'', the attack is called ''Spot Weld'', and will set the target on fire. This too will cause damage over time.

Finally, since the weapon now does fire-based damage, it is affected by the Pyromaniac perk.


- Thermic Lance now a fire-based weapon, has a chance of setting enemies smoldering (smoke, no fire).

- Special VATS melee attack ''Spot Weld'' sets enemies on fire.

- Affected by the Pyromaniac perk.