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Combat music will only start when certain conditions are met. These conditions have been tweaked from the original "Passive Combat Music" mod.

Permissions and credits
Based off of mastahbossu's Passive Combat Music. A big thank you for the open permission to post modified versions of that mod.

"What Did That Mod Do?"
The original Passive Combat Music disabled combat music from playing unless one of these two conditions were met: the player gets hit, or the player attacks. In gameplay, this meant that the player would no longer be warned about enemies they weren't aware about, which allowed for cool encounters where enemies can actually sneak up on the player.

"Why Did You Tweak It?"
The original mod only checked if the player did an attack input or if an enemy hit the player. The former was a little abusable, since you could spam attacks if you wanted to know if something was tracking you. As I learned more about scripting, I decided to change and add some more conditions, mostly to reduce the number of awkward situations where both the player and an enemy were facing each other off but combat music still hadn't started.

"What Did You Change?"
Overall, I removed the attack input and the enemy hit triggers for more "sophisticated" triggers: I added a cursor-based trigger to trigger music change when looking at a hostile enemy, a hit-based trigger for when the player initiates combat with an attack that hits an enemy, and an enemy attack-based trigger (so long as the target of that attack was you) so enemies "give away their position" when they try to attack you.

"Which File Should I Choose?"
Read the following file descriptions to make an informed decision.

"New and Improved"
Things will behave exactly as described in the "What Did You Change" section. If you aren't familiar with the original mod, I recommend reading the "What Did That Mod Do?" to get an idea of what you're generally getting into. Lastly, this file might be a bit more performance intensive since it runs more often (every 0.5 seconds) to get through some "while" loops, but I haven't personally noticed a performance impact.

"Old and Rusty"
The first iteration of this mod. Combat music only starts if the player successfully hits an actor or if the player is hit. Essentially, the only thing different between this and the original mod is that it removes the attack input trigger and switches it for the aforementioned player-hits-an-actor trigger.

"What Happened To The Other Files, Like Perception Message And Lower Sneak Volume?"
I decided they were a little out-of-scope for this mod, so I uploaded them as separate mods. They should all be compatible with each other.
The old files are still there, but I won't be directly adding the features they had into newer versions of this mod anymore.
-Perception Warning Message is now a file in Perception in Action.
-Lower Sneak Volume is now a file in Music And Sounds Dynamic Volume Changer.
It should be fine to merge these mods together to reduce plugin count.


Recommended Mods: Something that hides the "HIDDEN" "DANGER" etc. tags when sneaking to still be able to be surprised. oHUD is what I use.
You can also use lStewieAl's Tweaks to disable these tags by changing bRemoveSneakLabel to 0 (thanks to SWAGAMESH for bringing that up).

Dependencies: NVSE and JIP LN NVSE.

Compatibility: Since this is all scripted, it should be compatible with almost everything, but it probably won't work if there are any other scripted changes being applied to music volume / combat music triggers. It won't be compatible with the other mod, and other versions of this mod probably won't be compatible with one-another unless otherwise specified.

Known issues: Combat music may trigger anyways if the player was very recently playing combat music (happens even if you load back). This was an issue with the original mod that I was not able to fix with my spaghetti code knowledge. Might be an engine bug. If combat hasn't ended (going from DANGER to CAUTION still counts as combat), then going to DANGER will trigger combat music no matter what.

Possible Upcoming Features: Bugfixes, if I can figure out how to do em.

for the original mod. 
-korri123 for the advice on using a while loop + GetActorsByProcessingLevel 0 to allow certain key functions to work and for letting me take parts of his NPCs Sprint In Combat mod.