Fallout New Vegas
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Logical fixes/improvements to ownership for certain cells/items, as well as adding dynamic ownership to many cells

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- Many fixes to cells that logically should be owned by factions but aren't (e.g. Unowned items/houses in Goodsprings are now owned by the Goodsprings faction, items in Ranger Stations are now owned by NCR)
- Ownership will change based on completed quests/killed NPCs (Goodsprings will become unowned after Run Goodsprings Run, Repconn will become unowned after Come Fly With Me, Cottonwood Cove will become unowned after killing Aurellius Phoenix, etc. 
- Most changes are made through a text file that acts as a script, so it is easily customizable (e.g. if you don't want Doc's house to be owned, remove the line SetCellOwnership GSDocMitchellHouse GoodspringsFaction from the gl_OwnershipTweaks.txt)

- Probably doesn't cover ever cell that needs fixing, please report more to me so I can fix them
- Dynamic ownership isn't completely finished yet either, so some cells might not be effected. Again let me know if you have any requests
- Dynamic ownership will also only apply to cells and not regular placed world objects, as I would need to attach EditorIDs to every object in order to change them via script, which is too messy for me