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Allows you to harvest Cave Fungus and Mutant Cave Fungus from a variety of previously static objects. Covers all DLC.

Permissions and credits
Harvestable Cave Fungus
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues


This mod replaces a variety of static Cave Fungus decorations with harvest-able variants. In the vanilla game, Cave Fungus could only be found rarely in the Mojave, and only on certain actors, making some crafting recipes quite difficult. Honest Hearts somewhat rectified this by making Cave Fungus harvest-able in Zion, however this made a strange disconnect between Zion and the Mojave. Consider this a fix for that.

Harvest-able cave fungus is added to the Mojave, some more locations in Honest Hearts, and locations in Old World Blues. Dead Money and Lonesome road do not include any such objects, hence there is no fungus added to either of these DLCs. In-addition, some additional fungus objects in the Mojave are replaced with the 'Mutant' variety from Old World Blues - mainly in areas which are affected by radiation such as Vault 34. You can differentiate between harvest-able and static clusters by the color - they are otherwise identical and fit together perfectly.

This mod is more comprehensive than Pickable Cave Fungus outside of Zion (from which the idea came) and also covers the Mutant Cave Fungus variant from Old World Blues. Yukichigai Gameplay Tweaks includes Yukichigai's original mod, but I do not know how it differs from this mod.


This mod requires:
  • Honest Hearts;
  • Old World Blues.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.

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