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Adds a note, carried by Dixon, which allows you to craft Dixon\'s special versions of Jet and Whiskey.

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UPDATE: As was pointed out, I'd forgotten to make the recipes not show up until you had the note from Dixon. Oops.
Simple and to the point: this mod adds a note which, once obtained, will allow you to craft Dixon's Jet and Dixon's Whiskey. The note is carried by Dixon, but he guards it with his life. To put it more bluntly, you cannot pickpocket the note from him: you will need to kill him in order to get the note. The recipes require a Science skill of 25 and the following items:

Dixon's Whiskey (yields 2):
2 Empty Whiskey Bottles
1 Flamer Fuel
1 Mutifruit
1 Yeast

Dixon's Jet (yields 2):
2 Empty Jet Inhalers
1 Abraxo Cleaner
1 Nuka-Cola
1 Sugar Bombs

To better facilitate making Dixon's Jet, Empty Jet Inhalers have been added to a few random loot and vendor lists: