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Armour, Clothing, Weapon and Item mod integrated into Wares

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NEW MODDave Humphrey's Furniture mod
REMOVED: OAAB for Wares, now updated and part of
Wares Ultimate

General notes on all mods
- I did not create any of the assets
- items from original mods not modified unless specified
- textures optimised with Odrenator
- DRIP integration included
- all required files included unless specified otherwise
- screenshots are a sample of the items from each mod.
- a few mods have Friends and Foes NPCs, those npcs only appear if you have Friends and Foes installed.
- original shops removed, items in a crate in Seyda Neen removed (etc), original vendor kept if no known conflict.
- if you wanted the original shop, load the original esp BEFORE the wares-aware version.
- I have not always levelled items in shops >> my reasoning is that traders don't wait for your player to be high level and rich to have high-quality wares. Unless you run well-known exploits or meta-game, at level 1 you cannot afford such high-quality items.

Amulets and Rings by Daduke

Aradia's Needle by Oni-K

- Friends of Foes NPCs added
- shop removed

Calling Cards by Rattfink333

Carnithus' Armamentarium Complete by Carnithus

- shop removed
- armour values and AR tweaked
- most obvious kibash removed
- retextured artifacts removed
- 3 armour sets hand-placed

Danke's Armors by Danke

- original placement or armour sets kept and/or tweaked
- some armour was given to npcs (load AFTER Wares for NPCs)

Dave Humphrey's Furniture mod
- shops removed
- furniture can be bought from traders and pawnbrokers.

Dwemer Loot by Poodemon

Elynda Winterwear by Elynda

Eyren armour and clothing 1 2 3 by Eyren

- merge of 3 mods
- fixed corrupted files
- Friends and Foes NPCs

Fishy Sticks for Everyone by Stripes

- Ashfall interop
- Get a Fishy Stick when you arrive in Vvardenfell

House of Earthly Delights, Harem Style by NioLiv

- no DRIP (items are scripted so when you buy them, you'd have no idea if/what enchantment you get)
- some vanilla NPCs edited (load after Wares for NPCs)

House of Spears by Nazz

Illy's Oh my Goddess by Illuminiel

- some vanilla NPCs edited, load after Wares for NPCs.

Jobasha Spell Tomes by Transmaster

Loinclothes and tops by Dereko

Mandamus Pirate Outfit by Mandamus

- Friends and Foes NPCs

Wearable Lich Robe by Melchior Dahrk

Moon and Star Pendant by Rubberman

Morrowind Toy Shoppe - Figurines by Andoreth

OAAB Wares -- DELETED >> use the updated version from Wares Ultimate

Potted Plants by Andoreth

- update: names and typos fixes (Thank you Denina!)

Scissors and Thimbles 1 2 3  by Keazen

- merge of 3 mods
- bsa extracted (no need to register them)
- Friends and Foes NPCs

The Crimson Wire by Mandamus

- NOTE: I could not reach Mandamus to ask for perms, assets are included for now.
- Friends and Foes NPCs.

Treasure Maps by qqqbbb
- fixed greeting loop
- cheap and med treasures are Wares list, expensive treasures (Daedric, Glass, Ebony...) untouched

Treasures of Magic by Team Wool and Floof
- does not contain the dialogues and quests
- NOTE: some items are godly, others cursed, I only placed them in traders' lists, you get what you get.

Triss Merigold Outfit Recolored by Corsair83 and SaintBahamut

Weapons and Armor Diversity Overhaul by Pseunomix

Lots of Rings by Wulfgar

Welkynd Stones by  PeterBitt

- added to enchanters from level 10, 50% chance none.

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