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A simple way to create undead minions if you have the right ingredients.

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UPDATE 1.0.2

No need to travel to Seyda Neen to start the main script
Fixed dialogue for the skeleton mage

Balathustrius made a simple mod called Way of the Necromancer where you would learn a spell to raise the dead by reading (=activating) a scroll.
If you have the required ingredients, as listed on the scroll, you would cast the spell to summon an undead minion.
Unlike traditional summons, these minions do not go poof after a minute: they stay with you until they die (again).

Here's what I did:
  • Used Wares so that Friends and Foes Necromancers have a chance to drop a scroll + fences may sell them.
  • Scrolls may also appear where you'd find "evil" books in the game.
  • Moved the scrolls from tombs (for compatibility) to places where necromancers reside.
  • The creatures you can summon are skeletons armed with various weapons, shields and spells.
  • Changed the recipes so that instead of stones and mushrooms, you need actual body parts from corpses.
Use Cannibals of Morrowind so that npcs you kill drop hearts, brains and flesh.

I am including a tweaked version of the original with the following changes:
  • Better distribution of scrolls with Wares
  • Scrolls may also appear where you'd find "evil" books in the game.
scrolls are still in their original cell (tombs)
recipes unchanged (vanilla ingredients such as diamonds and emerals, mushrooms and plants)
The creatures you can summon are various undead such a bonewalkers and skeletons.

Planned updates:
  • Change how the scripts initialise (entering the Census Office)
  • Re-introduce other undead creatures (I'm not happy with their current ingredients so I need to think of something)
  • Master recipe to summon a proper zombie companion with the features that come with it (level with the player, levitates, warps to the player, etc)

- You need to go to the Census Office to trigger the scripts (will be change later)
- You can only summon ONE of each type of minion at a time. So to build an army, you need multiple recipes.
If you are looking for a more advanced Necromancy mod, try Fligg's Blasphemous Revenants or Dopey's Necromancy.

This mod consists of 2 plugins, choose one!
- With Cannibals of Morrowind installed: 00 Way of The Necromancer Redux
- Without Cannibals of Morrowind: 01 Way of the Necromancer

Wares-base.esm is a hard requirement
Friends and Foes and Cannibals of Morrowind are strongly recommended

Merge you levelled lists with Wrye Mash or tes3cmd 0.37

Balathustrius for the original mod I modified
Kevin Castellano for Beasts of Burden - Necromancer that Balathustrius used for his version of the mod.
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.