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Add a wearable, scripted and enchanted backpacks to the game.

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UPDATE 2.4.1
non-critical update, just updated the headers (that's what Wrye Mash does for you)

- not edits to vanilla npc, list, containers or cells
- if using Ware-base.esm only (in this mod), the items will appear at relevant traders across Vvardenfell
- if using the full version of Wares, you will find the items in Tamriel Rebuilt and in some containers
- Friends and Foes ready

Check the article about Survival mod and take the quiz to find out which is the best for you.

Add a wearable, scripted and enchanted backpack to the game.

You may get one from Elone if you ask her about Blade Trainers or purchase one from traders.

When you equip the backpack for the first time, you will get to choose which survival mod you are using: Necessities of Morrowind, Bare Necessities, Frostfall, Water&Thirst + Cooking&Eating, none or Companion backpack.

- NoM: a bedroll, firekit and frying pan + feather 40 points
- Bare Necessities: a bedroll, a tent and a bottle of water  + feather 40 points
- Frostwind: a bedroll, a firekit and a tent + feather 40 points
- Hunger & Thirst: a cookfire and a water catcher + feather 40 points
- None: feather 60 points
- Companion: 100 AR, feather 60 points, CANNOT be equipped by the player

Unzip in your Data Folder or use your prefered mod installer
Load this BEFORE any survival mod (NoM, BN, Frostwind, Racerplume's mods)

Know issues
None but respect the load order

Q: Do I need MWSE?
A: Nope. But having it is extra nice: you can wear a backpack AND pauldrons

Q: Do I need Frostwind / Bare Necessities / Necessities of Morrowind / Water&Thirst + Cooking&Eating?
A: No, select the none option when you first equip your backpack. You will be given a packback with 60 points of feather.

Q: How do I set up camp using my backpack?
A: Drop it on the floor to open it. You will receive your camping gear. When you are ready to leave again, activate your backpack again to put your camping gear back inside. Your backpack is re-equipped automatically.

Q: Why does my companion's backpack has such AR?
A: the backpack is actually a piece of armour and most companions will elect to not equip it as it doesn't improve their AC.

MYJ for the backpack model
Bethesda Softworks  Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Aurel300 for fixing my script.
Greatness7 for the MWSE version

Version 2.1
With MWSE: the backpack does not take the pauldron slot
the armour rating is 0 but the feather enchantment is stronger (+10 points)
new backpack for companions
Version 2.0a
Hotfix Ashfall backpack script
Version 2.
Removed the second type of backpack (the uglier one)
Removed the dialogues to add extra items to the backpack (never used it myself)
Added new scripts to accommodate all major survival mods all in one esp
The none scripted backpack has a stronger feather enchantment
Version 2.1
MWSE update: backpack does NOT take the pauldron slot
Version 2.2
Ashfall backpack removed
Added Hunger&Thirst backpack to work with Water and Thirst and Cooking and Eating, 2 mods by RacerPlume
Removed the requirement to have firekits for Frostwind and NoM backpacks
Version 2.3
Added a Neck pouch (feather 5 pts) by request