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Adds friendly and less friendly npcs to the game.

Permissions and credits

Update 2. - The Less is More Update - Requires a new game
- Most town npcs removed
- More encounters in the wilderness
- Wilderness encounters detailed by region
- Some new npcs with pets
- Older addons redone (Prim and Proper, Ahead of the Classes, Tamriel Rebuilt)
- NPCs, lists and spawns re-worked
- General cleanup
Update 2.1
- Tweaked spawn chances and lists (especially poachers)
- New addon: no hostiles

This mod adds friendly as well as less friendly npcs to the game.
All npcs have loot based on their class and race
Spawn points are many but with a low % chance of spawn > encounters are more random

  • highwaymen who may attack on sight or demand gold for passage
  • travelling traders, peddlers and caravaners
  • Imperial guards, Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni guards, Ordinators and Armingers (based on the nearest settlement)
  • adventurers and travellers
  • Legion deserters in Solstheim, Hirstaang Forest
  • Berserkers and Reavers in Solstheim
  • Bounty Hunters (will want to take you to jail if you have a bounty)
  • Vampire Hunters will attack you on sight if you are a vampire
  • Werewolf hunters will attack you on sight if you are a werewolf
  • Corprus sufferers near ghostfence
  • skeletons, crusaders, corpses
  • Dwemen animunculi, Scavengers, Imperial Guards, corpses
  • Witchhunters, corpses
  • Poachers
IN TOWNS (unless F&F_No_Town is enabled)
  • readers, mages & commoners in libraries, bookstores and museums
  • adventurers in smiths
  • commoners and adventurers in traders
  • muggers in dark alleys
  • rogues, thieves, assassins minding their business at night
  • drunks at night
  • sailors on docks
  • teleporting mages near temples and shrines.
  • beggars near temples and shrines
  • Priests and healers heal and restore for 30 septims
  • Telvani and Mages Guild mages and sorcerers will top you up ( restore magicka) for 50 septims if you are in their faction.
  • Bards will play music for 5 septims
  • Some npcs have a pet following them
  • No npcs in town addon
  • No hostile npcs addon
  • TR addon
  • Ahead of the Classes addon
  • Prim and Proper, addon
  • Name and Face randomizer addon

00 Core
Must be installed - does nothing on its own
Requires Wares-base-esm
01 Vvardenfell addon
Adds F&F npcs to Vvardenfell (including Bloodmoon and Mournhold)
02 Main land addon
Adds F&F npcs to Tamriel Rebuilt
Requires Tamriel_Data.esm and TR_Mainland.esm
03 Prim & Proper addon
Gives F&F npcs heads and hair by Westly
Requires Westly Prim & Proper Core.esm
04 Ahead of the Classes addon
Adds more npcs with new classes from Ahead of the Classes.
Requires Ahead of the Classes.ESP 
05 No Towns addon
Removes all npcs from town interiors and exteriors
Load after Merged Objects.esp
Load after F&F_No_Hostiles
06 No Hostiles addon
Removes all hostile npcs
07 Face and name randomizer

MERGE with tes3merge (Delta plugin is probably ok, I'm not on OpenMW myself, so I don't know)
SORT with Mlox (No, Loot won't do, it doesn't know any of the recent mods)

<something> is broken?
-> check your load order and requirements
-> tell me what version and what addons you are using
-> tell me the ID of the NPC involved (there are 6k+ npcs, so "a Bosmer chick has no pants is not helpful")
-> post in the BUGS section of this page so I can keep track

Compatible with
  • BCOM
  • Repopulated Morrowind 
I have not tested against Morrowind Rebirth. The spawn points in town are minimal so you may very well be fine there. MR also tweaks trees and rocks, as such, some npcs might get stuck in there.

To ensure a clean removal of the mod, please use ModOrganizer 2 or Wrye Mash
Note that removing Friends and Foes mid-game will give you tons of warnings and most likely make Morrowind crash if you do not clean and repair your saved game.

Load Order
Ahead of the Classes.esp
F&F_Ahead of the Classes.ESP
merged objects

  • All Wares mod: F&F npcs will have relevant items (gear and loot) based on the mods you have installed
  • Friends & Frens: add many companions to the game, each with a personal quest
  • Repopulated Morrowind by GrumblingVomit

Starfire and Cutthroat mods, Neoptolemus: NPC ideas, scripts (largely removed in version 2.0 but these modders were a major inspiration)
Abot for his tes3cmd/perl script that gave names to all outlaws
Archimaestro Antrares whose mods (bounty-hunters, pick-pockets, muggers, you are being robbed) have been incorporated and expanded on.
Vengyre and Stripes for the  MWSE face and name randomiser
Aurel for automating some tasks
All of the people who reported issues made suggestions, etc., especially Eddie.
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.