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Adds friendly and less friendly npcs to the game.

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Update 1.6.13
- Updated the Face and Name Randomizer

This mod adds friendly as well as less friendly npcs to the game.

- I've taken great care to make Friends and Foes interact with other mods IF YOU HAVE THEM INSTALLED.
- ANY Wares-aware mod will see its items distributed among F&F npcs when relevant
- Very very very special care has been given to the gear and loot of all (7k+) npcs, based on their level, class, race, gender: Loot should feel varied, balanced, and rewarding, even more so with OAAB, Tamriel Rebuilt, and Wares mods

Adventurers: suitable classes can be found travelling on roads (can be disabled if you talk to a guard)
Ashlanders: in Ashlander camps
Citizens: many commoner classes found in shops, guilds, towns, and temples.
Commoners with a packrat: in Mournhold
Corpses: in dungeons, near bandit hideouts, very rare.
Drunks: in towns at night
Fences: in shady parts of towns, on the roads, will trade illegal items, have high mercantile.
Guards, ordinators and armingers: on the roads and in towns
Healers: in towns, on the road, offer healing for septims
Nobles: in richer areas of towns, in House Councils and inns
Pilgrims: in temples and on the roads
Prayer npcs: just people praying in temples and close to shrines
Readers npcs: npcs reading a book in Mages Guilds and bookshops.
Sitters npcs: just people in pubs drinking and eating
Telemages: these mages can be seen teleporting into towns
Thieves, assassins, and rogues: in towns at night, minding their own illegal businesses
Travelling traders, caravans, and peddlers: in towns and on the roads

Ashlander outcasts: wilderness, will attack on sight
Bandits in front of hideouts will attack on sight (can be disabled if you talk to a guard)
Berserkers and Reavers: on Solstheim, will attack on sight, compatible with TOTSP.
Highwaymen: on the roads, especially bridges and roadsigns, will attack on sight or demand gold  (can be disabled if you talk to a guard)
Legion deserters: on the roads, especially on Solstheim, will attack on sight
Necromancers: in tombs, will attack on sight.
Scavengers: in Dwemer Ruins, will attack on sight
Vampires: wilderness and very rarely in towns at night.

Bounty-Hunters: in towns, on the roads, only attack if you have a bounty (can be disabled if you talk to a guard)
Egg Poachers: in egg mines, may sell/buy eggs, can be turned in to guards for a cash reward.
Muggers: in dark alleys, prey on low-level characters (can be disabled if you talk to a guard)
Pick-pockets: in towns, inns and shops, will steal gold if your sneak is low (can be disabled if you talk to a guard)
Vampire-hunters: will attack on sight if you are a vampire

Core - install this

01 TR
if you want FF npc in Tamriel Rebuilt

02 CHOOSE ONE (or none)
MOAR increases the spawns
SCARCE reduces them, especially in town exteriors

no hostiles: removes npcs that attack on sight
no sitters: removes sitting npcs (recommended for OpenMW)
no city - exteriors: removed npcs walking in towns
no city - interiors: removes npcs standing in shops, etc.

Heads_vanilla: if you have F&F_TR bit don't want npcs to use TR heads
Heads_Westly: you'll need Westly's Master Headpack for this.

This is also the load order, however, I strongly recommend you install MLOX and get the latest set of rules. MLOX will set your load order straight, but also tell you when you have conflicting mods installed.


For those who don't know about it, Mlox is a simple program that will sort your load order. 
This is an addon to the list of Mlox rules, maintained by Abot, Danae, Lucevar and RandomPal. It has a tons of rules and will fix countless issues for you in just one click.

You absolutely MUST merge objects and levelled lists (tes3cmd 0.37/mashed lists, tes3merge)

0/ <something> is broken
-> check your load order and requirements
-> tell me what version and what addons you are using
-> tell me the ID of the NPC involved (there are 7k+ npcs, so "a Bosmer chick has no pants is not helpful")
-> post in the BUGS section of this page so I can keep track

1/ How is this different from Outlaws / Starfire's NPC additions / CM_Partners / MCA
- F&F takes the best features from all these mods
- Many improvements over dialogues and scripts
- All levelled lists are redone, balanced
- F&F makes the aforementioned mods work together as well as with a large number of NPC and loot mods.

2/ What's the TR version?
- It required TR_Mainland and Tamriel_Data
- npcs will have TR weapons, armour and misc items
- Friends and Foes have been added to the TR maps

3/ There are NPC types I don't like, can I remove them?
Yes, talk to any Guard about Outlaws, you have an option to disable a few npcs types.
I've also provided a bunch of addon to change what/how much NPCs spawn.

  • All Wares mod: F&F npcs will have relevant items (gear and loot) based on the mods you have installed
  • Hold it: F&F npcs will automatically use hold it items (no patch needed)

  • Starfire for Starfire's npcs additions this mod modifies and expands on (see readme in docs)
  • Cutthroat mods for CM_Partners this mods modifies and expands on (see readme in docs)
  • Abot for his tes3cmd/perl script that gave names to all outlaws as well as the guard script (modified)
  • Neoptolemus for NPC ideas and implementation (animated npcs for example) (see readme in docs)
  • Archimaestro Antrares whose mods (bounty-hunters, pick-pockets, muggers, you are being robbed) have been incorporated and expanded on as well as the NPC animations.
  • Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
  • All of the people who reported issues made suggestions, etc. especially Eddie.