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Treasures of Magic is a mod that places around 95 new items across Vvardenfell, most of which are magical items and artifacts. Be warned, not all of them are friendly and not all of them are useful.

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(Uploaded for the second round of the Morrowind Madness Competition 2017/Mage and Dwemer Round - mostly mage but with quite a few dwemer items)

Apologies on the lateness of this one, several issues arose with but I wanted to release something and had to give up on accomplishing a lot of what I wanted to do with the mod.

UPDATED: Version 1.2 (regular version) is uploaded! Fixes several reported bugs, thanks to everyone who informed me of them and gave me detailed information. Lite version will be updated soon.

Treasures of Magic is a mod that places around 95 new items across Vvardenfell, most of which are magical items and artifacts. Be warned, not all of them are friendly and not all of them are useful. Some items are practically cursed and others don't even say what they'll do to you. However, not all hope is lost. Proceed with caution and talk to people. A new topic, "Interesting Happenings", along with several topics about specific artifacts have been written to expand on the lore and possible powers of some items.

Many are hidden in crevices, on rocks, and other weird spots and more than one copy exists of quite a few items. There are also some items that have variations of themselves. A handful of preexisting and new merchants sell them. There's an intentional vagueness to what exactly everything is as I want to keep a lot of it a mystery. I'll give a sample of some items:

Sanguine's Barstone - a daedric goblet used at parties to brew cocktails, it can be used now as the most powerful mortar and pestle in the game.

Aryon's Legion Form -a pair of gauntlets that summon all three elemental atronachs at once for 250 seconds.

Necrobomb - an experimental throwable pearl that summons five skeletons upon striking an enemy

Dratha's Judgment - a ring sitting quietly in Tel Mora. Anyone wearing has been known to disappear.

Items can also be received through a handful of quests which topics can point you to. Over a dozen NPCs have been placed into the game along with 5 new creatures. There's over 500 lines of new dialogues and most of them are of decent length. Some conversations involve skill checks, race checks, and multiple outcomes. Finding certain items can lead to new dialogue and events with other NPCs. For now most "Interesting Happenings" are attached to the new NPCs and NPCs in exteriors rather than interiors to make it simple for now.

A book called "Topics of Discussion" is sold by all major booksellers that will instantly give you most of the major topics instantly.

Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.

Dialogue - a lot of the topics are unique and specific but most dialogue has been written in the top of their section. I've heard this may lead to conflicts but haven't seen it yet with my mod setup. So report if you have any issues.

Edits/Items/Placement - items have been placed in tight spots and near rocks so anything that drastically changes that will lead to some items not appearing. Merchants have had items placed in their stock via containers so if anything changes the existence of their containers it'll cause problems.

Just like any other mod, copy the contents of the mod into your Data Files and let 'er rip. You'll need both Item Foundation.esp and Treasures of Magic.esp. The items all exist in Item Foundation.esp and is a dependency for Treasures of Magic. The reason for this is that Item Foundation will become the basis for a lot of mods I make and will save time remaking the same items as well as allow interaction between future mods.

Future of the Mod:

There's actually a ton of half finished items that were never completed due to script issues and a lot of ideas there just wasn't time for. So the mod will be updated time to time with new items.

A lot of people to thank as this mod wouldn't be half as cool without the resources openly available to the modding community. Some modders also requested their readmes be included with the mod so that's all under the Credits folder. If I'm missing anyone please tell me. Some resources were not used yet so there

Midgetalien - Dwemer Resource I, Sila Hammer, Shard Staff
R-Zero - all his resources
Karpik777 - Oblivion Plants for Morrowind
Chainy - Oblivion Plants for Morrowind
Ghogiel, starwarsgal9875, Greatness7 - Juicy Brains
Qarl - Crystals
Silveri - Misc Packs
Kittybrod - Mineral Containers
Yar-Yulme - Yar-Yulme's Resources
Lady E, Proudfoot - Smithy Pickhammer
Clavis, Brash, Tracy - Clavis Glass
Coolman, Alaisiagae - Dagger Collection Resource (
Shannon - Shannons Retextured Chests
Lidicus - URM Creatures
Elderhoss - Swords and Staves I
Metroid13,  ZarahNeander, Calemcc  - for bug reporting