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Adds scrolls to the leveled lists (books and scrolls) that teach cantrips to the magically challenged. Cantrips never fail but cost a lot more magicka and don't improve your skills. Adept spellcaster cannot (will not) use cantrips.

Permissions and credits

Enchanters now sell some cantrips
Cantrips have a new models

Cantrips are simple spells that the magically challenged can cast at the cost of extra-magicka (four times as much)
Those spells never fails and can only be learnt if your magic skills are low enough (less than 15).
Casting cantrips does not improve your skills.

Cantrips are learnt by reading scrolls occasionally founds where books and scolls are found/bought.
To learn the cantrip, read  the scroll from your inventory

The idea is to have spells that will help a warrior or thief in a bind without making those spells a
reliable source of magic as they can only cast a few times at best before their magicka runs out.

Additionnal credit:
Scroll model texture and icon from J.Knez aka Schwaa's Scroll Upgrade