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Adds many lore-friendly and even usegul books to your game

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UPDATE 1.0.4a
OAAB Version: fixed a levelled list (Thank you Pharis!)

- not edits to vanilla npc, list, containers or cells
- if using Ware-base.esm only (in this mod), the items will appear at relevant traders across Vvardenfell
- if using the full version of Wares, you will find the items in Tamriel Rebuilt and in some containers
- Friends and Foes ready

This is a merge of 2 mods by Stuporstar.

Books of Vvardenfell
Beautuful Books: Grimoires

As usual:
- Vanilla edits removed
- Friends and Foes ready

The grimoires can be found at enchanters only.
The skeleton summoned by the Necromancer Grimoire uses Wares lists so it'll use a variety of weapons.

Use your prefered mod manger or drop the files in your Data Files folder.
Pick ONE esp:
ST_books_wares_rotate.esp > each book has a script that lets you rotate them
ST_books_wares.esp > ideal if you have perfect placement installed

Merge your levelled lists.
You should used tes3cmd 0.37 over 0.40 or even Mashed Lists.


For those who don't know about it, Mlox is a simple program that will sort your load order. 
This is an addon to the list of Mlox rules, maintained by Abot, Danae, Lucevar and RandomPal. It has a tons of rules and will fix countless issues for you in just one click.

[any mod for Wares]
F&F-MW or F&F-TR

Like any Wares-aware mod, you only need Wares-base.esm (included in this file), but I would recommend you check out the Wares mod page for addons, such as Tamriel Rebuilt, Wares for containers, as well as a few optional wares-aware mods that don't deserve their own mod page.

1.0Original release (thank to Denina for the unscripted books and to Aneksunamun for the missing skeleton warning)

Most of these books were written by Stuporstar, but there have been many contributors from the PES forums:
Limericks: TripleWordScore, Aphotic
Jokes: Aphotic (who contributed a lot), HeavyMetalArchmage, Knight of the Thorn, Chriso123, Elite Birthday, dagoth_jeff, mALX1, Zalphon, hermes700.
Sayings: Amazon Queen (Orcish sayings), Queen of Giant Rats (Khajiit saying)
Crassius' Story Collection: A Dubious Tale, and The Tale of the Broken Beer Keg, are by MarStinson, The Mundane Old Man, is by Aphotic, Jac has been a frequent contributor to BoV. His books are: Dibella's Whispers, The Book of Secrets - edited by Elaura, An Affair of Bards, A Traveller's Guide to Orcs - edited by Elaura, Nord Drinking Songs, A Traveller's Guide to Bretons - edited by Elaura, Revised The Tale of the Broken Beer Keg found in Crassius's Bedtime Stories

Much of the information in these books was taken from the Elder Scrolls Wiki at, the Imperial Library, and the Academy of Dwemer Studies.
Some ideas for alchemy recipes were borrowed from Stevmill's Alchemy FAQ: Specifically submissions by Eevle and Aanar  <>

This mod also makes use of the Book Rotate Script from Heph's Book Rotate Mod 5.3 <>

Quotes from Carl Sagan's Cosmos were used in Cosmos.
Spririts of Vvardenfell was edited and had ideas contributed by DebiDalio.
Copyedited by Bigsmoke. Re-edited by me for clarity and brevity in 2012.
Thanks to Gez for proofreading version 2.2.

Illustrations: Many illustrations were hand drawn by Stuporstar. Maps of Vvardenfell includes hand drawn copies of the original game maps. The steel color chart in The Complete Blacksmith has been modified from a book on metallurgy. The alembic illustration in Spirits of Vvardenfell is copied by hand from an 18th century illustration. The Dwemer Orrery and star chart illustrations are copied from The Academy of Dwemer Studies. The Aurbis illustration was inspired by Melchior Dark's map of the Aurbis and medieval woodcut illustrations.

Meshes and Textures:
All of the textures and icons were created by Stuporstar.
A few of the new book jackets make use of some of the textures from William The Taffer's Better Books, though I've altered all of them significantly.
Melian's book mesh and related book rotate scripting are used in the Guide to Vvardenfell series and the Complete Vvardenfell Flora Compendium.
Shwaa's scroll meshes were used for all alchemy recipe scrolls.