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Adds spellbooks to the loot tables so that they can be found in various containers and held by NPCs. Reading a spellbook teaches the player the spell associated with the spellbook, offering an alternate method of learning spells instead of only acquiring spells by purchasing them from spell merchants

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The idea behind this mod is that I always thought it was kinda unfair that characters that rely on weapons for combat situations can always go into various caves and ruins to find cool new weapons that they can add to their arsenal, but spellcasters that rely on magic for combat rarely get anything near as usual for them. You might find the odd spell scroll from time-to-time, but scrolls are a single-use cast only, and it's a guaranteed cast success anyway, meaning that literally any type of player character can use them.

In vanilla Morrowind, the only way a spellcaster character can learn new spells is by buying them from spell merchants. As a way to mix it up, I took inspiration from how the first Diablo game allows the player to find spellbooks from monsters and chests, and that reading these spellbooks teaches the player new spells. I thought a similar system would work well in this game and that it would incentivize spellcaster characters to explore the game world more broadly.

Spellbooks can be found in containers, chests, or held by spellcaster NPCs, although it's worth noting that spellbooks won't appear in just any container. You're more likely to find spellbooks mixed in with containers that hold scrolls, other non-magic books, magic items, or smuggled goods. Each spellbook is titled to clearly identify it, and the spell associated with each spellbook is included in the title as well. There is one spellbook for every spell in the game that the player is able to purchase from spell merchants, as well as several spells that are not typically available to the player. Note that this does not mean that there is a spellbook for every spell in the game as there are several spells that are simply far too over-powered.

Reading a spellbook will add the spell associated with the spellbook to the player's spell inventory. Note that if you read a spellbook from the inventory screen, you might have to close and re-open the inventory screen in order for the spell inventory list to refresh. If you already know the spell tied to the spellbook, then reading the spellbook causes nothing to happen. The spellbooks themselves are light and don't have much value, and as such there is no need to hang onto a spellbook after gaining the spell that it teaches.

There are two versions of this mod available: the original version and an updated version that includes Wares compatibility. Wares is a mod developed by Danae123, and she was kind enough to provide me with an updated version of this mod that works with Wares. Personally I'd recommend starting with the updated version of the mod that I have listed under the available files, but if you have any issues the older version has all of the same features as the updated version minus Wares compatibility.

Here's a quick summary of Wares as described by Danae123:
- not edits to vanilla npc, list, containers or cells- if using Ware-base.esm only (in this mod), the items will appear at relevant traders across Vvardenfell
- if using the full version of Wares, you will find the items in Tamriel Rebuilt and in some containers
- if using Friends and Foes, F&F npcs will make use of the items