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Traders may offer you to buy a treasure map.

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                                        Treasure maps v1.0

MCP with PlaceItem fix enabled

     Traders, smugglers and members of Thieves Guild or Camonna Tong may offer you to buy a treasure map when you talk to them. To read a treasure map drop it on your character paperdoll. You will have to do it a few times before you will find the treasure, so binding it to a hotkey is a good idea. A treasure chest can be detected with a "detect enchantment" spell even if there are no any enchanted items in it.

Details and spoilers:
     Odds that a trader will offer you to buy a treasure map are 10%.
Loot in treasure chests is not leveled, only your luck determines how much stuff you get and how good it is.
Your luck also affects odds of getting a fake map. With luck of 40 they are about 26%. Higher if you buy it from a Khajiit or Thieves Guild or Camonna Tong. Lower if you buy it from a fellow guild member or someone of the same race as you.
Your luck has to be at least 50 to have a chance to find expensive items.

Map textures are from Stupostar's Books of Vvanderfell mod.

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