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A pirate outfit for female characters.

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Better Bodies required!

This mod adds a pirate outfit to the game that you can buy from the clothier in Caldera. Each part of the outfit comes in different colors and in total there are 8 coats, 6 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of boots to choose from.

To install drop the the esp file and the three main folders from this archive (Icons, Meshes and Textures) into you Morrowind/Data Files folder. Then check the esp in the launcher before playing.

This outfit is for female characters only!

I don't consider this mod finished because of that, also I wanted to make a hat and polish the textures and rigging some more before releasing this outfit (there is some clipping, like between the boots and the pants when jumping, but nothing serious)... However I don't know when/if I'll do all that so for now enjoy the mod as it is :)

All the meshes and textures were made by me, without any source picture (hence the look of the textures). I know the icons are crap, I really don't feel like redoing them though so they'll probably stay as they are. The names of the clothes are also very uninspired, I would welcome suggestions for better ones.

Thanks to Bahamut for his great tutorial on rigging armor in Blender and Psychodog studios for making Better Bodies. The mod was cleaned with Tesame.

If you want to use my meshes and textures in another mod just send me a pm at the Bethsoft forums (username is Mandamus), permission is more of a formality but is a polite thing to do. Those who asked before I released the mod don't have to do it again, obviously.