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Adds unidentified rings, amulets, belts, robes, pants and shirts to the game, as well as an Identify Service from Enchanters.
200+ trait, some 30 undesirable ones.
Thousands of possible items with one or two traits
Players skilled in Mysticism and Enchant can learn to Identify

Permissions and credits

Fixed a bug that was exposed in a recent MWSE update (identify icon in enchant menu)
Added identified items tp NPC lists (only visible if Wares for NPCs and/or F&F is installed

- not edits to vanilla npc, list, containers or cells
- if using Ware-base.esm only (in this mod), the items will appear at relevant traders across Vvardenfell
- if using the full version of Wares, you will find the items in Tamriel Rebuilt and in some containers
- if using Friends and Foes, F&F npcs will make use of the items

This mod is heavily inspired by Midgetalien's Diablo Identify System as well as Pseunomix's Diablo 2 Inspired Magic and Unique Items though, in the end, I created my own items, enchantments, and implementation to greatly expand the mod and in an effort to be lore-friendly.

Adds rare unidentified rings, amulets, belts, pants, shirts and robes to the game.
There are 180+ traits, some beneficial and some... not so (variations of fortify, damage, resist and restore effects).
Close to 12000 possible items.
Identified items will have up to 2 effects.

Identify Service and Spell
Any enchanter offering services will offer to identify your items for 50 septims. 
Player with Mysticism and Enchant skills of 75 or more can learn to Identify items themselves.
Speak to Enchanters about the Tome of Identify.

Traits are either constant effects or give you a spell to cast.
Most traits come with a lesser and a greater variant.
The tooltip shows the effects of the item.

Item sets
In addition, identified items form sets
Once you equip a set of 5 you are given a power (that you keep even if you unequip the set items).
For example, if you find items with the Guar, Spriggan, Dreugh and Slaughterfish traits, you get the Beast Master power, a powerful calm/command creature spell.
There are 10 sets in total.

What about balance!?!
- Items with 2 traits always have a positive AND a negative effect.
- Identified items are worth 50 septims unless they have the 'Valuable' trait.
- Identified items cannot be enchanted unless they have the "Enchantable" trait.
- Unidentified items are rare and can only be found where you would get an enchanted item.

- Where do I find unidentified items?
Where you'd normally find enchanted rings, belts and amulets, also where you'd find exquisite clothing.

- I did the math, with 100+ traits and all the possible combinations, you should have MANY more items!
True, some combos have been disabled (fortify speed/damage speed, etc.) but also any combo where the name of the item would be more than 32 characters because that's the limit.

-It's annoying to go back to town to identify items, can't I do it?
Sure, your character needs 75 in both Mysticism and Enchant. If you cannot wait, you may console cheat:
player->addspell aa_id_identify_spell

Use your preferred mod manager or drop contents of the zipped file in your Data File
MWSE is a hard requirement
Merge your levelled lists

Not compatible with OpenMW
Compatible with everything else including Morrowind Rebirth.

Original Release
added missing model and icon
Made unidentified items more common

Midgetalien and Pseunomix for inspiration
AxeMagister for the new Identify spell, the new Identify UI, the Identify service, and the tooltip for cursed items.
Nullcascade for the script to add traits to items and his continued support of MWSE
Aurel for ...
- putting all the scripts together
- adding the code for the items sets
- creating a little program to create the many many items.
- putting up with me when I spend a whole week obsessed with making a single mod
Alaisiagae for the ring, belt, robe, and amulet models.
TealPanda and the Better Bodies team for the shirt and pants models
Xerofoxx for the Tome of Identify cover and Arukinn for the texture of the pages
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.