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Edits a few meshes from Beautiful Cities of Morrowind to use textures and bump maps from Redoran Bump-mapped, and have the right coloring.

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Beautiful Cities of Morrowind adds some interesting new buildings to Ald'Ruhn, but sadly the included meshes use very low-resolution textures, lack bump maps, or have incorrect setting set when they do use the textures from my favourite rextexture of Redoran buildings, Redoran Bump-mapped. This little patch alters the meshes in BCOM to use textures from Redoran Bump-mapped where applicable, adds bump maps and reflections, corrects material settings, and removes some low-resolution grafitti that seems out of place with the new textures. I originally made it for personal use, but thought there would be no harm in sharing in case someone else found it useful.

See the screenshots for my best attempts at comparisons. Let me know in the comments if I missed something.


Redoran Bump-mapped
Beautiful Cities of Morrowind (might also work with Ald'Ruhn - Seat of power of House Redoran


RandomPal: the original meshes from BCOM.

You can do what you please with the everything in this mod, but make sure to credit the original authors for their work.