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Aesthesia grass fixes for Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.

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IMPORTANT! This Fix is only for the Users who are using Beautiful Cities of Morrowind alongside with  DD_Caldera_Expansion v15 + Stonewood Pass + Foyada Mamaea Overhaul Patch.ESP which was included in the Beautiful Cities of Morrowind file.
Other users will have a lot of missing objects on the road between Caldera and Balmora. I'm just uploading my own fixed files that I've made for my own personal usage. Most likely this works "Caldera Mine Expansion merged with StoneWood Pass" version as well.

This Mod fixes flying grass issues and misplaced grass for Beautiful Cities of Morrowind. Done all major towns and cities. This version should be final, unless someone reports some misplaced grass in some campfires across the world. Once the misplaced grass has been reported I will fix it.

Beautiful Cities of Morrowind Options I used:
00 Core
01 Haalu Council Hall Plaza - Izy Style (most likely 01 Haalu Council Hall Plaza - Brevur of Balmora also works fine)
02 Riverside - Stone Dock (02 Riverside - Simple Cluttering should also work, but have not tried)
05 Caldera Mine Expansion merged with StoneWood Pass and Foyada Mamaea Overhaul
07 Animated Morrowind for OpenMW (07 Animated Morrowind Should also work)
13 Mamaea Awakened
27 Ebonheart Underworks
35 Mines and Caverns

NOTE: I Have not tried out any other mods within the Beautiful Cities of Morrowind rar file. Most likely there won't be issues even with 05 Caldera Mine Expansion merged with StoneWood Pass, I'm not sure if RMR and RR ghostgate shape the land in any way or shape. If it does then it most likely won't be compatible with this fix.

So far I've fixed grass patches in most major cities in West Gash, Ascadian Isles, Azura's Coast. Also fixed the Ashlander camps and campfires in Graze lands. Might have missed a few campfires, so let me know if u find any grass on campfires. Have not had time to explore the world, since I've been fixing the grass for days. If someone finds static objects that act like grass or missplaced grass patches let me know.

NOTE: Optional fix is now imbeded in the grass fix after v0.4

Let me know of the places that still have some floating grass in air. Or if some building or rock acts like grass. Also if you find some camps that have grass in its fire let me know, I'll fix that as well. Can't find all the misplaced grass alone, so if you find any, do let me know. Will fix it when I can. Been working on this fix relentlessy, almost 12hours per day, so I might have been tired and missed some floating grass.

Installation: Install like any other grass mod. For more info check the Aesthesia grass mod.

V0.8 Some fixes to Northern ashlands.

V0.7 Fixed Ald-ruhn, Maar Gan, fort near ald-ruhn and some other minor fixes in Ashlands near those towns.

V0.6.2 Hotfix for Caldera Mine, removed floating grass and removed mod dependency.

V0.6.1 Hotfix for Ashlander camps, fixed some grass I had missed in previous version.

V0.6 Fixed grass in Dagon Fel, Vos, Tel Aruhn, Sadrith Mora and some minor fixes in other places.

V0.5 Fixed Grazeland camps and campfires. Also some minor fixes in caldera and Ascadian Isles.

V0.4 Added fixes to Pelagiad, Gnaar mok, Shashmanu Camp, Sjovar Horse-Mouth's House, Brendas and some campfires that I found. Also made a small fix in Balmora and re-added a fence that I previously had accidentally deleted before.

V0.3 Added fixes to Ebonheart, Gnisis, Khuul, Ald Velothi

V0.2 added Fixes for Odai Plateau.