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Personal edit to OpenMW wiki's patch for major quest/faction mod "Welcome to the Arena", making it compatible with BCOM.

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Personal edit to OpenMW wiki's patch for major quest/faction mod "Welcome to the Arena", making it compatible with BCOM.

Note that I have nothing to do with any of those projects and none of them actively support this patch, I'm just sharing a functional solution to a problem other users might also have, given these mods' popularity. 

So basically OpenMW has its own ESP replacer patch for WttA. And BCOM has an ESP replacer patch for WttA. They were, as one might guess, mutually incompatible. And neither functioned independently either, due to the other's main ESP's changes getting in the way. And, unfortunately, a simple merge wasn't doing it.

So I went into the OpenMW patch & hand-adjusted everything displaced by BCOM's cell changes to the Arena Pit. Everything now looks right & is functioning correctly on my 0.47 RC setup (OMW's fixes on this have been working since iirc 0.45). 

You DO need the asset files from the original mod "Welcome to the Arena! v6.7" (OMW patch's fixes were made for WttA 6.6 but I have tested them on WttA 6.7 exclusively and it's still good).

You DO need the main BCOM mod installed.

You DO need to be running OpenMW.

You DO NOT need the older OMW patch ESP.

You DO NOT need BCOM's included WttA patch ESP.


Some people (including myself on (only) my second character, for some reason), ran into an issue where the entire stadium was nearly filled with water. Entire pit filled, right up to waist-deep in the stands, even  on an otherwise-clean test run. Which is extra strange, because the cell was set to have no water to render in the first place & attempts to set or alter it as a cell trait did nothing. 

This fix places an activator just outside the cell, with a script to set the water level in the room to -5000 the first time the player enters the cell after installation, then disable the activator (preventing it from running the script unnecessarily every time you come in). The activator is in the form of a stone basin. This is for debugging purposed: in case anyone is still having this issue, please TCL out of the Arena Pit cell and look near the big doors for the basin. If the basin is visible and hasn't disabled itself, then something is preventing the fix script from running & if it's invisible, the problem is recurring not persisting. Should you encounter further water-related bugs in this version, please let me know and please include in your post whether or not you can see the basin marker. 

This fix can safely be installed mid-playthru, on a save where you are NOT currently located in the pit cell. However, those who already have the 1.0 fix installed & encounter the water issue may prefer to simply enter the flooded arena cell and use the console command ~SetWaterLevel -5000 instead of downloading and installing the update. This is effectively the entire content of the basin activator's script, so running the same command yourself will work just the same.