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Pluginless replacer for Dagoth Ur and his brothers, with tweaked body proportions and shadow meshes, new HD particles and corpse models, four optional plugins for unique Ash Vampires, and one plugin for unique models of Dagoth Brandy and the Sixth House Amulet. Compatible with OpenMW.

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--Diverse Dagoths
Unique models for all 7 Ash Vampires, Speed increased so they're no longer slower than slugs, Fight rating lowered so they'll let you speak with them first, Flee removed because they don't fear death, and idle animations restored for Tureynul and Uthol.

--Hostile Gilvoth
Same as Diverse Dagoths, except Gilvoth's Fight rating is left at 90, in keeping with Patch for Purist's explanation that his dialogue is purely combat-based.

Same as Diverse Dagoths, except Sunder has been removed from Vemyn to make this plugin safe to object-merge with Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins.

Use only one plugin, and don't use the DNGDR plugins without DNGDR.


The Unique Dagoth Brandy & Amulet plugin uses the same file paths as Morrowind Rebirth, so you don't need both.

Odros and Vemyn's mechanical arm uses mostly vanilla texturing. As such, they look best with xander2077's Dwarven Textures installed after DassiD's Enhanced Textures or Remiros' Intelligent Textures.

Because Dagoth Odros and Vemyn have vanilla movement speed in Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins, their new animation files result in them moving very slowly (and that's saying a lot for an Ash Vampire). As such, you'll need to use the DNGDR version of Diverse Dagoths and object-merge it with DNGDR's plugin. Although the author recommends against object-merging, this version of DD has had Sunder removed from Vemyn to preserve DNGDR's relocation of it during the merge process.


Fully compatible with Deeper Dagoth Ur.

Fully compatible with OpenMW, as of build 0.47.0 and DD's 2.12 Addendum patch.

The pluginless version is compatible with anything that doesn't change Ash Vampire and Dagoth Ur file paths, like DNGDR and The Tribe Unmourned do.

The Diverse Dagoths plugin should be compatible with Great House Dagoth and The Tribe Unmourned if you load DD last and use an object-merger such as TES3Merge. TTU also has a duplicate of every Ash Vampire that's kept in a dummy cell, but I don't know if these appear in the actual game. If they do, let me know and I'll make a proper patch for them.

Users of both GHD and Diverse Dagoths will also have the added perk of their Dagoth Nerevar character using a different model from the other seven Ash Vampires, since it'll default to the pluginless replacer.


Five Ash Vampires share all of the same apparel and accessory objects; just selectively hidden for ease of customization. While this may make it somewhat slower to download, it shouldn't have any impact on actual game performance. In fact, every texture, property and unskinned TriShape has been optimized to the best of my ability.

And although it's a completely unnecessary archive-bloater that has no effect on in-game models, all the animated NIF clones (the ones without an X prefix) are just as fully detailed, for those who enjoy looking at them without having to boot up the game or Construction Set.


Because I presently only use the vanilla engine, I only applied normal and reflection maps to metal, glass and gemstones. Any other surface would simply appear too shiny. I'm not sure how to make OpenMW specular maps and whether they'd look better than vanilla reflection effects, but if anyone wants to take care of those -- along with normal mapping for flesh, leather and other surfaces -- I'd be more than happy to add them.


In accordance with their dialogue, every Ash Vampire's Fight rating is set from 90 to 50 so you can talk to them and land the first blow. While I was at it, I also set their Flee from 20 to 0 (matching Dagoth Uthol), since it's illogical that undying immortals would fear you enough to run away, with Dagoth Odros treating defeat as a minor embarrassment.

In addition, five Ash Vampires have had their Speed cranked from 4 to 9 so they're no longer running at a snail's pace. While this doesn't seem like much, for some reason Ash Vampires are quite sensitive to every little digit, and going any further than 9 makes them zip around too quickly during their idle animations. Dagoth Odros and Vemyn, who now have Dwarven Spectre animations, are given a respectable Speed rating of 50. Left at 4, they literally moved in slow motion.

Lastly, Dagoth Tureynul and Uthol now (like their brothers) have their own AI Wander package, so they no longer stand around motionless outside of combat.


Due to elongating parts of their skeleton to look more like a typical Ash Vampire, Dagoth Odros and Vemyn will put their left hand straight through the floor during their knockdown animations. Unfortunately I don't know enough about animation tweaking to rectify this -- which is also why Ash Vampires aren't always firmly gripping weapons and bottles.

Not really a bug but still worth noting: because an Ash Vampire's knockout and death-knockout states share animations, I could only apply the combustion and ashing effect for when they're killed while standing. However, their halo, eye and body glow will still go dark upon death.

Despite holding one in his hand, Dagoth Gilvoth doesn't actually have any lootable weapons in his inventory. For now, it's just for show.

OpenMW halos have been removed for three reasons: they cast massive spinning shadows, appear opaque if there's fog in the cell, and I frankly don't trust OpenMW not to break them even further in future builds.

  with confirmed permissions

HiRez Ash Vampires  by Saint Jiub
From his unreleased WIP textures, which he was kind enough to share with me for further tinkering

Armored Robes  by Aoimevelho
Ash Vampire loincloth & Odros collar

Ash Vampire Retexture  by Connary
Regretfully discarded as of Version 2.0

Ash Vampires Reworked  by Phobos
Full body model & texture (reworked as detail mapping)

Better Bodies  by Psychodog Studios
Odros/Vemyn body mesh

Better Skulls  by tronvillain 
Ur mask ornamentation

Clawed Hands  by Aoimevelho
Odros/Vemyn claws

Dagoth Ur  by Saint Jiub
Vemyn mask texture & eye glow

Dagoth Ur Reworked  by Phobos
Mask model & texture; cloth texture

Dagoth Ur's Divine Body  by Zobator
Eye glow

Divine Dagoth Ur  by Saint Jiub
Odros mask textures (also used for bracers & greaves)

Dragon Priest Resource  by Reizeron
Odros/Vemyn mask & hood models

Exotic Imports  by Westly
Odros bracer & stockings; Vemyn anklets

Fit Body Textures  by Westly
Odros/Vemyn body texture

Gold Bead Halo  by Enchantedgal-Stock 
Ur necklace (discarded as of v2.1)

House Dagoth Symbol  by Lattauri-El 
Tureynul forehead tattoo

Kafeid's Piercings & Spectacles  by Aoimevelho
Piercings, goggles, scope & gold reflection texture

Magic Circles  from
Halo sigils

Morrowind Rebirth  by Trancemaster 
Smoothed meshes of Sunder, iron boot/bracer & Dwemer bracer/rerebrace/tube

Pluginless Head & Hair Replacer  by Westly 
Rings, braids, crest & ash vampire hair

Robert's Dagoth Ur  by Moranar
Full model & most of its textures

Silverware Repolished  by Pherim
White reflection texture

The Symphony  by HedgeHog12
Belt, amulet, brandy, curved pauldrons, fuel pipes, ash pile, internal organs, beating heart, Tureynul eyeglasses, Ur necklace & numerous textures

Unique Ash Vampire Replacer  by Aoimevelho
Skirt, flat pauldrons & chained earrings

Unique Finery Replacer  by Alaisiagae 
Sixth House amulet (discarded as of v2.0)

Unique Jewelry  by Remiros
Rings made into bracelets, cuffs, armbands & mask strap

Vivec God Replacement  by Psymoniser
Odros/Vemyn body texture (detail map)

Please let me know if I forgot anything, or if you have any suggestions.


Pherim for all the NifSkope & texture advice

RedFurryDemon for Version 1.2 particle recolor/restoration & alternative Ur mask


Dagoth Ur unmasked  (second encounter)

Astral Dagoth Ur  (for DNGDR)

Augmented stats

UNLIKELY ADDITIONS  (stuff I'd like to add despite lacking skill, resources & energy)

Universal normal mapping for OpenMW

Smoother Ash Vampire meshes

Skinned finger rings & body piercings

RECOMMENDED  for a better Sixth House experience

Akulakhan Replacer  

Ashlander Rebels  

Blight Storms Restored  

Dagoth Creature Replacer  

Diverse Blood  

Dreamer Expansion  


Magic Diversity 

Mamaea Awakened 

More Blight Weather  

R-Zero's Throbbing Meat  

SuperQuail's Divine Voices  

Unique Corprus Stalkers  

Weather Effects  

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS  if you're not using Morrowind Rebirth 

Beware the Sixth House & Know Thy Enemy  for augmented stats
Use both, but load them in that order before Diverse Dagoths, and object-merge them using TESTool so all stat, inventory and model changes work in harmony.

Blighted Animals  

Deeper Dagoth Ur  if you're not using DNGDR

Kogoruhn Expanded  

Red Mountain Reborn  if you're not using Deeper Dagoth Ur


Dagoth Ur's Divine Body  for the Astral Dagoth Ur replacer