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Pluginless replacer for Dagoth Ur and his brothers. Compatible with Great House Dagoth and Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins (with an included patch).

Permissions and credits
USED ASSETS  (with confirmed permissions)

 Ash Vampires Reworked  by Phobos

 Dagoth Ur Reworked  by Phobos

 Unique Ash Vampire Replacer  by Ivolga

 Divine Dagoth Ur  by Saint Jiub

 Robert's Dagoth Ur Body  by Moranar

 Ash Vampire Texture  by Connary

 Pluginless Head & Hair Replacer  by Westly 
    Gold rings; ash vampire hair, braids & crest

 Better Skulls  by tronvillain 
    Dagoth forehead skull

Unique Finery Replacer  by Alaisiagae 
    Dagoth amulet

 Morrowind Rebirth  by Trancemaster 
    Iron boot & bracer meshes

 House Dagoth Symbol  by Lattauri-El 
    Ash vampire forehead tattoo

 Gold Bead Halo  by Enchantedgal-Stock 
    Dagoth Ur necklace

Please let me know if I forgot anything, or if you have any suggestions.


 Dagoth Ur Unmasked  (second encounter)

 Astral Dagoth Ur  (for DNGDR)

 Unique Ash Vampires

 Augmented Stats

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 Ashlander Rebels  

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 Akulakhan Replacer  

 Dagoth Creature Replacer  

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