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Added: 18/12/2014 - 11:03PM
Updated: 24/03/2016 - 04:11PM

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by Arkann

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Magic Diversity's aim is to make your experience as a mage more interesting by giving every magic effect a new, unique HD look (this includes casting animations, magic bolts and hit/area effects). No longer will you wonder if the spell your enemy is readying is about to lower one of your attributes, destroy your equipment or make you vulnerable to fire, each spell is now easy to identify. Also includes custom sounds for each spell, but, as requested, I also uploaded an optional file that uses vanilla sounds instead.


Conflicts with any mod that modifies magic effects. Not the individual spells, MAGIC EFFECTS, the properties, description, general mana cost, projectile speed,...

1) If you have an earlier version of this mod in your directory, make sure
to delete all the old assets before you install this version.
2) Drag and drop the files in your Morrowind directory.
3) Check the .esp in the "Files" section of the launcher.
4) Play !

- Bethesda: For the orignal meshes.
- Arkann (me): For the mod, the textures, and some sounds.
- Obsidian Dawn for some brushes
- TheMyzel on Deviant Art for the frescos used in ALMSIVI Intervention
- EarthStar01 on Deviant Art for the circles I used to make Elemental Shields
- Thy-Darkest-Hour on Deviant Art for the wing picture used in Levitate
- People on the Nexus and the official forum for their comments and suggestions

Feel free to use the textures in your works, just mention me and the aforementioned people.

Please report any kind of problem you may encounter on the OFFICIAL THREAD