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Improved meshes with upscaled and atlased textures and optional bump maps for silverware items.

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This mod improves the models and textures of all silverware items in Morrowind. The models have been smoothed, the textures have been upscaled with Bigjpg and compiled into an atlas, so all models use only one texture instead of up to five. The candles additionally use their respective wax and flame textures, of course. While in theory this reduction of draw calls should reduce CPU overhead and thus, improve performance, there are probably not enough of these items in a single cell to really make a difference. But in any case, it won't hurt your performance.

This mod is packaged for installation with Wrye Mash, NMM/Vortex won't work. Mod Organizer will work as well. Manual installation is also possible, just extract the files from the options you want to use and overwrite, if necessary. Wrye Mash is recommended, though.

There are a number of additional options to choose from:

  • 00 Data Files: This is the most basic version of the mod. Improved meshes and an atlas texture based on the vanilla textures. No bump-maps. This must be selected, no matter which and how many of the other options you want to use (except the separate textures and the wax textures, which will work without this)
  • 1k Atlas Texture (HD Vanilla Textures): An atlas texture based on the Mod HD Vanilla Textures, with two times the size of the vanilla one (1k).
  • 2k Atlas Texture (Bigjpg+MET): An atlas texture based vanilla textures 4x upscaled with Bigjpg.  The plate texture was taken from Morrowind Enhanced Textures with some color correction applied. This will look much more crisp ingame than vanilla, but still retain the same visual style.
  • Bump-Mapped Meshes (MCP) (1k/2k): This will install bump-mapped meshes which use the Morrowind Code Patch Reflection Map fix and a 1k/2k normal map that will be used as a bump map. Use the atlas texture of the same size for the best visuals. Not to be used with OpenMW or without the MCP fix, because they will appear much too bright and glossy in dark environments.
  • OpenMW Compatible Normal Map (1k/2k): This will install a normal map and a specular map that can be used with OpenMW. Just like the bump-mapped versions, use the matching atlas texture for the best results! Make sure OpenMW is set up to automatically use textures with an _n suffix as normal maps and textures with _spec suffix as specular maps. Not to be used together with the Bump-Mapped versions.
  • Separate Silverware Textures Replacer (Bigjpg+MET): This folder contains replacers for the original five separate silver textures, 4x upscaled with Bigjpg. The plate was taken from Morrowind Enhanced Textures with some color correction, just like in the 2k atlas texture. Install them for better visual consistency with meshes that still use them and not the atlas (there are a number of meshes in the vanilla game that use only one or two of them, so making them use the atlas would not have made much sense), or if you want to use the textures with the vanilla meshes. I recommend RR Better Meshes for properly smoothed models which use the vanilla textures.
  • Wax Textures 4x Vanilla (Bigjpg): This will install new wax textures 4x the size of the vanilla ones (which is still not a lot), upscaled with Bigjpg and with tweaked contrast and brightness. Far from perfect, but better than nothing, I guess. For now, no bump-mapped or normal mapped versions, this may change in the future. This will affect all candles in the game, not only the silver ones. Of course, you can use any other wax textures you like instead of these.

As this is a pluginless replacer, there won't be any issues with savegames and there are no conflicts with plugin-based mods. However, this mod conflicts with mods that replace the same models, so make sure to overwrite any existing files. As the atlas texture does not exist in the original game, there is no conflict with other texture mods, however, if a mod replaces the vanilla silverware textures, they won't have much effect since the models don't use them.