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Replaces almost all textures in the vanilla game and its expansions with high resolution AI upscales.

Permissions and credits
Intelligent Textures is a full retexture of the game using carefully curated AI upscales that have been manually edited by hand, as well as completely custom textures in cases where upscaling failed. It uses ESRGAN combined with the excellent custom models created by the upscale community. All textures are exactly 4x the size of the vanilla textures.

This mod modifies, which requires either OpenMW or MCP with the "Map-texture conflict fix" option (enabled by default).


This mod has been packaged as a BAIN installer to make it very easy to install with Wrye Mash or MO2. Alternatively, simply drop the contents of the "00 Core" and optionally of the "01 Atlas Textures" folder in your "Data Files" folder and let the files overwrite if asked.

Recommended Mods:
Patch for Purists
Morrowind Optimization Patch
Project Atlas
Remiros' Groundcover

Facelift (Install this first if you want to use IT's face textures)

Models used:
Box by buildist
Manga109Attempt by Kingdomakrillic
Ground by ZaphodBreeblebox
Misc by Alsa
Face by Twittman
Face-Ality V1 by Twittman
Skyrim Armor by Alsa
Nickelfront by BlackScout
Nickelback by BlackScout
Superscale by nmkd
Fatality DeBlur by Twittman
BC1 Smooth 2.0 by BlueAmulet
BC1 Restricted v2.0 by Alsa
BCGone by Mutin Choler
DeSharpen by loinne
UltraSharp by Kim2091
FocusModerate by Kim2091
SkyrimText v2.1 by Kim2091
ThiefGold by Akven

Xinntao for ESRGAN
Pherim for the seamless common wall textures
Half11 for Patch for Purists
Sataniel for helping with a batching script
Eddie5 for helping with a batching script
Bluttier for beta testing
Lucevar for beta testing
RedFurryDemon for beta testing
1Mac for beta testing

-Added atlas maps for Project Atlas
-Added missing Yagrum Bagarn textures
-Better Telvanni and emperor parasol textures
-Better bark textures
-Better Bitter Coast and Grazelands textures
-Better altmer and dunmer face textures
-Better glassware, redware, pottery, potion, metal and miscellaneous textures
-Better Baar Dau textures
-Better rat and netch textures

-Better daedric ruin textures
-Better sewer textures
-Better leaf textures
-Better wood textures
-Better thatch textures
-Better Solstheim textures
-Better Huntsman textures
-Better rug textures
-Better Hlaalu textures
-Better Sixth House textures
-Better lockbox textures
-Better sign textures
-Better mudflats texture
-Better shack textures
-Better ship textures
-Better West Gash ground textures
-Better Common textures
-Better Kwama textures
-Better Golden Saint textures

-Almost full remake of the entire mod with significantly better textures
-Particle textures are now covered
-Unofficial plugin textures are now covered
-Textures from PfP's expansion fixes are now covered

-Better armor and weapon textures
-Better, less noisy coast textures
-Better Vanilla, Tribunal and Bloodmoon creature textures
-Better cherrywood, crate and coat of arms textures
-Better dwemer textures
-Several improvements for miscellaneous Bloodmoon textures
-Better urn textures
-Better imperial textures
-Better metal and trim textures

-Another major remake of the mod featuring clearer, more detailed textures with significantly less artifacts

-Almost complete rebuild of the mod featuring better, cleaner textures for nearly everything
-Several bug fixes, mainly for expansion textures

-Removed problematic bookmark textures
-Added correct atlas for BC mushrooms (thanks to Necrolesian)

-Reverted some textures to 1.3.0
-Improved many textures
-Fixed some issues

-Fixed the Karstangz-Bcharn and Vivec floor textures