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A tool for automatically patching conflicts between mods for TES3: Morrowind.

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This tool helps to automatically patch conflicts between mods for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

This program includes an INI file to allow customization. Check TES3Merge.ini for details on object blacklisting/whitelisting, debug options, and object type toggles.

TES3Merge requires the .NET Framework v4.7.1 or later. Attempting to run the application on a modern version of windows will prompt to install this.

Extract the TES3Merge folder into the Morrowind installation directory. It can work outside this directory, but when managing multiple installs, it will always look to the parent directory first to find Morrowind.

Simply run TES3Merge.exe, then activate the new Merged Objects.esp file.

If running a Russian, Polish, or Japanese install, see TES3Merge.ini to specify file encoding.

Further Details
For example, Patch for Purists fixes the Expensive Skirt's name, while Better Clothes provides alternative appearances. If you use the two mods together, the changes from one mod will be ignored. With object merging, the changes that both mods make can make it into the game. The following image demonstrates the resolved conflict:

Currently, TES3Merge supports the following record types: Activator, Alchemy, Apparatus, Armor, Birthsign, Body, Book, Class, Clothing, Container, Creature, Door, Enchantment, Faction, GMST, Ingredient, Light, Lock, Magic Effect, Miscellaneous, NPC, Probe, Race, Repair Item, Skill, Sound, Sound Generator, Spell, Static, Weapon.

Merge rules respect the load order, with the first appearance of the record becoming the base for comparisons. If a later mod modifies the record, its changes will be preserved. Another mod after that will only have its changes made if they differ from the base record.

For details on licensing and contributions, see the GitHub page.